Zip Lining Through Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Have you ever wished that you could see the world from the treetops? Would you like to look down from high above to experience what birds are able to see while flying by? Does swinging from tree to tree sound even remotely interesting to you? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you need to zip line while visiting Puerto Plata!

The beautiful city of Puerto Plata offers many exciting adventures and excursions. For your zip lining adventure, you will start your day off by being picked up in a Jeep by your chosen adventure company. The jeep ride will take you deep into the jungle where there is always the possibility of spotting wildlife only indigenous to the Dominican Republic.

Upon arrival at the zip line basecamp, make sure to take a moment and evaluate your surroundings. Beauty like this is not something you see every day. Once you have taken in the surrounding paradise, allow your instructor to explain how you will have the opportunity to try up to ten zip line courses during the day. The zip line platforms are built high above the ground, perched within the trees to hold you when transferring from one zip line to the next. The well-experienced guides are guarding every transition stage to get you onto your next line safely and securely.

Rest assured, safety is key for all companies providing zip line adventure tours. You will be safely secured to your lines by harnesses checked by experts before ever leaving the ground. You are then equipped with the harness along with a helmet and gloves. There is nothing to worry about and everything to see. Your guide is there to calm your fears if you have any apprehensions. It is possible to ride tandem with an expert if you cannot squelch that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach due to your fear of heights. Don’t worry; there is a high probability that it may only take one zip line to push you out on your own.

Zip lining is exhilarating! These magic lines in the sky take you through the jungle in the mountainous region of Puerto Plata. People have been known to see monkeys swinging through the trees along with parrots and other birds flying by, occasionally landing on the platforms and sometimes on zip liner’s heads.

The cost to zip line is relatively inexpensive and definitely worth every single peso. It is a guarantee that you will enjoy seeing Puerto Plata from a different perspective. This once in a lifetime adventure will get your heart racing and your adrenaline rushing.

Challenge your inner child to a zip line tour, once for certain and then maybe twice just because it’s awesome.

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