Where to Get the Best Seafood in Puerto Plata

Seafood and a Caribbean island go hand in hand. When visiting Puerto Plata it goes without saying that you will be able to find the freshest and tastiest seafood available. But where should you dine? We are going to give you our top picks for the best restaurants with the best seafood in Puerto Plata.

Los Charros y Los Pinches Chaparros, Mexican

Everyone who has ever visited Puerto Plata cannot stop talking about the views from this restaurant but what you may not readily know is that the seafood is beyond outstanding. Authentic Mexican food with seafood in many of the dishes makes the customers go “yum”! Grilled langostino, fish tacos, fresh caught fish grilled in Mexican spices and flavors expand the palate. All of these dishes make guests come back for more.

Le Papillon, International

The atmosphere at Le Papillon is fun-loving and casual that incorporates colorful aquariums and old pieces of driftwood. Know this, Le Papillon loves its’ seafood. The freshest shrimp is made to order in several ways that melt in your mouth. Le Papillon serves lobster! They are known for their lobster dishes because Chef Thomas Ackermann, an executive chef from Germany, makes the freshest and most delicious lobster dishes around. Locals and expats alike visit Le Papillon frequently which is a tell-all for tourists. If locals flock to Le Papillon then you should make it a point to visit too. Do not forget to make a reservation as this is a very popular restaurant.

Benjamin Fresh Seafood

Located in Sosúa, Benjamin Fresh Seafood is widely known for offering some of the best seafood in the Dominican Republic. This quaint family owned and run restaurant serves fresh fish daily and at a good price. Locals and visitors travel to Benjamin Fresh Seafood to dine on red snapper, lobster, shrimp and calamari dishes. All of the seafood the chef proudly prepares is fresh from the sea, marinated perfectly and served with love. Benjamin Fresh Seafood has rave reviews on the web. The lobster they serve is succulent, flavorful and tender. It’s fresh, well prepared, and served hot. If there was any place else that you could have lobster right out of the water, prepared and brought to you in such a fun atmosphere, we challenge you to find it. Don’t stop the seafood train there though, because the fresh shrimp is just as succulent and fabulous as the lobster, and the seafood soup is amazing!

These are just a few of the fantastic restaurants in Puerto Plata that serve outstanding seafood! Hopefully you’ll have the time to visit them all – you won’t be disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Where to Get the Best Seafood in Puerto Plata

  1. Mark Calibo says:

    Great blog post. You hit the nail on the head. I travel to Puerto Plata annually and love each restaurant you named. Looking forward to reading your blog on a regular basis. Peace.

  2. Bennie Gadzinski says:

    Your website/blog is a prime example of informative writing. I am a teacher, and plan to share your writing with my students when studying the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic in particular.

    • IPP Team says:

      Wow, thank you so very much, Bennie! Your kind words mean so much to us, as we try very hard to provide the very best, most informative and accurate information about Puerto Plata and the surrounding areas. Again, thank you very much!

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