Things To Do: Puerto Plata Jeep Safari

If you’ve ever been off-roading, you know the fun, excitement and adrenaline rush that comes from it. If you’ve never been, you have to go when vacationing in Puerto Plata! A jeep safari excursion in Puerto Plata is by far one of the best you will ever find.

A Puerto Plata Jeep Safari is an excursion that will last the entire day, and you are guaranteed to love every second of it. This well-known and loved safari is not only packed full of fun, but history too. The amount of information that you will absorb will amaze you. Tour guides share all you could ever want to know about the Dominican Republic while off-roading through beautiful Puerto Plata. These Dominican history experts and guides will be able to answer all of your questions and share a little bit about a day in their lives with you as well. There’s a good possibility that you may tour through one of your guide’s villages.

Jeep safaris take you through several small villages over the course of the day. The safari will allow you a close up glimpse of how hard working Dominicans go about their day. Likely, you’ll make some stops into local stores or shops to check out the goods as well. You’ll see a school or two, possibly a fruit plantation and miles and miles of sugarcane and coffee fields. What a highly insightful tour!

There are several Jeep Safari tours, and no matter the touring company that you choose, excursion goers are ensured a great time. Lunch and rest periods are included, allowing you to take in the beautiful Puerto Plata surroundings. During your lunch, authentic Dominican dishes are served and it’s a fabulous way to experience and nosh on several different types of local cuisine. Downtime can include watching locally performed dances and swimming while you rest your weary bones. You may end up in a museum, cigar factory or even a sugarcane factory as part of your Jeep Safari tour. This is the tour that shares Dominican life with you through past, present and possibly future economic development.

One thing that we think you’ll be most intrigued with is that in such a small amount of time, you ride through a mountainous region, a jungle region and on a beach. The fact that you will be able to experience such a fun and exciting tour all in one day makes for a magnificent time.

4 thoughts on “Things To Do: Puerto Plata Jeep Safari

  1. Shelly Brehm says:

    By far, the peak of our trip to Puerto Plata was the jeep safari. The tour company was incredibly professional and highly skilled. My husband and I were able to see things we never have, and to this day I often think of the fond memories. It was incredibly exciting and beautiful, I would suggest to anyone traveling to Puerto Plata.

  2. Terrance Weinman says:

    Awesome article! I have been to Puerto Plata twice before, but never had the chance to try a Jeep Safari. You better believe that when I return in March that is the first activity I will be doing. Great article again, thank you.

    • IPP Team says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Terrance. The Jeep Safari is spectacular, an absolute adrenaline rush and an activity you can’t miss this next time around. Have you subscribed to our newsletter so you receive updates about exciting posts and happenings?

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