Puerto Plata With Kids

Ever wonder how you can guarantee that your kids have a great vacation?

Below are articles that showcase several child-friendly excursions in and around Puerto Plata.

Ocean World Adventure Park

Ocean World Adventure Park is one of the most exciting and fun destinations in Puerto Plata for children. Featuring private encounters with dolphins, sea lions and even sharks, Ocean World Adventure Park is every child’s dream paradise.

Monkey Jungle Dominican Republic

Located on the outskirts of Puerto Plata, Monkey Jungle Dominican Republic is as special as it is exciting. Opened in 2009 with the agenda of helping low-income locals with their dental needs, Monkey Jungle Dominican Republic features adorable monkeys, seven thrilling zip line courses and even a shooting range (for the much older kids).

Flying Trapeze and Circus School

Do you have a child that is a thrill seeker and loves to have loads of fun? If so, plan a day trip 45 short minutes outside of Puerto Plata in Cabarete for flying trapeze fun and circus school at Kaiceitos Circus! This spectacular circus school offers everything from the flying trapeze, aerial, tight wire, fire dancing, juggling, tumbling, the art of silks and more! There is a good chance you won’t have this opportunity again, so take advantage and create a once in a lifetime memory for you and your entire family.

Puerto Plata Beaches

Almost every parent knows Puerto Plata is known for its beautiful beaches, as well as the activities one can participate in while at the beach. There are so many gorgeous beaches that there is at least one to suit your style.

River Floating on the Yassica River

Get ready for a great time with the kiddos when river floating down the Yassica River. Relax, kick back and take in the Puerto Plata nature and scenery, while enjoying it together as a family. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful and fun excursion.

Cable Car Tour

Puerto Plata’s Cable Car Tour is a must do for children of all ages. Both children and parents will enjoy this scenic activity together, while riding to the top of Mount Isabel de Torres and overlooking all of Puerto Plata. Once you reach the top, you will have the opportunity to enjoy lunch or sightsee at the Christ the Redeemer statue.


Allow your children to experience Puerto Plata’s Yassica River while wakeboarding like a local professional. Local tours provide insight and instruction for kids and their parents as they wakeboard down the flat cool river that eventually opens into the Atlantic Ocean. Bring your camera to capture photos that can be shared with friends once home.

Zip Lining

The business of zip lining is thriving in Puerto Plata. Naturally, both children and adult vacationers enjoy zipping through the jungle, while taking in the Puerto Plata nature and views. Don’t miss out on this exhilarating experience!


The majority of children love the water, so its only natural that snorkeling should be on your activity list while visiting Puerto Plata. Cayo Paraiso, otherwise known as Paradise Island is the perfect destination for children and adults of all ages to snorkel and discover tropical fish in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Dune Buggy Tours

Learn the lay of the land with your children in Puerto Plata, when venturing out on an exciting Dune Buggy Tour. Should your child still be too young to drive, just strap him or her in the passenger seat and be on your way through jungles, mountainous terrain and even water.

Outback Safari

Puerto Plata’s famous Outback Safari is fun, fun, fun! This daylong tour that showcases Puerto Plata, includes a tour through villages, local schools and even stops to allow for a swim. Do not worry if your little one often becomes hungry, because Puerto Plata’s Outback Safari provides delicious Dominican dishes before heading out for even more sightseeing in the jungle.

Damajaqua Cascades

Damajaqua Cascades or 27 Waterfalls is by far the most desired excursion in Puerto Plata, and one that cannot be missed if you have children. Although not recommended for very young children or babies, 27 Waterfalls is guaranteed to provide endless amounts of fun for almost all ages. Children will have the opportunity to climb the rocky terrain and slide or jump into the crystal blue water below.

Skateboarding in Cabarete

If skateboarding is your child’s passion, then you are in luck! 45 minutes outside of Puerto Plata in Cabarete is a thriving underground skateboarding community, as well as the first ever underground skate ramp! Head to Cabarete, and your little skater will be forever grateful.


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