Not To Be Missed Cable Car Tours

Cable Car ToursPuerto Plata has a lot to offer its vacationers but one event that should not be missed is taking the cable car tours.  Also referred to as the Teleférico Tour, this is the only cable car system in all of the Caribbean.  Having the ability to ride a cable car high up in the air can be both unnerving and thrilling at the same time.  Yet, the tour allows for award winning views, past and present city and country information and a restful, insightful adventure.

Although the cable car ride to the top of Mount Isabel de Torres is only 10 minutes long, you can take a full day exploring the surrounding areas, such as the beautiful botanical gardens at the top of the mountain, viewing a replica of the Christ the Redeemer statue and visiting souvenir shops.  Each cable car holds a maximum of 20 people and rises approximately 790 meters (2600 feet) into the air.  One of the local guides will explain the importance, history and culture of landmarks such as the Brugal Rum Factory, the Museo de Ambar Dominicano, Fortaleza de San Felipe and the teleféricos.

Cable Car Tours2Depending on the weather, the views from the cable car allow tourists to take in miles and miles of the city and the surrounding coastline.  Be sure to have your camera ready as this ride gives you the perfect opportunity to take pictures of the city, countryside, and the Puerto Plata shoreline.  Not only are the views spectacular, the aroma is just as amazing. As the car glides up the mountain, don’t forget to breathe.  There are hundreds of thousands of breathtaking flowers and scents of spiced fruit in the air.

If you will be attempting to hike up any of the available trails, it is recommended that you take bottled water with you.  The cost of the cable car ride is about $10 USD (RD$450) per person.  Entrance fees and some transportation service (depending on location) is complimentary.

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