Museums and Galleries to Visit While in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Museum of Taino ArtIf you’re in the mood for education and learning, here are four great museums in Puerto Plata and its surrounding areas that you would thoroughly enjoy visiting.

Located in Samaná, the Museum of Taíno Art preserves, exhibits, and showcases art and artifacts of Native Taínos. This amazing museum displays items and remains of excavated tombs dating back to the pre-Columbian period. Visitors to the museum are given a direct view into the lives of Taíno Natives, the foods they ate, their beliefs, and language.

Casa Museo GregorioGeneral Gregorio Luperón (1839-1897) was a national hero whose leadership and vision thrust the Dominican Republic into achieving its independence from Spain in 1865. Casa Museo Gregorio Luperón opened in June 2012 to not only pay tribute to General Luperón, but to also depict his early life and showcase objects and artifacts of the time. Situated in downtown Puerto Plata in the Central Park area, the museum is housed in a Victorian era building that is a replica of the house in which General Luperón died.

Jewish MuseumIn 1940, Sosúa became the refuge for 700-800 German Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. The Jewish Historical Museum of Sosúa tells the story of these Jewish settlers who were able to integrate into Dominican society and establish businesses of their own. Featuring photographs, letters, and other memorabilia documenting their lives in Sosúa, the museum is a great place to go and experience a piece of history. Be sure to contact the museum to schedule a showing, as the museum does not operate on a set schedule.

Amber MuseumThe Amber Museum, a very popular museum in Puerto Plata city, opened in 1982 to exhibit thousands of beautiful and rare pieces of amber. A tour of the museum describes how amber was formed millions of years ago and features pieces containing trapped fossils such as insects as well as feathers and leaves. In addition, there is a wonderful gift shop where some of these pieces can be purchased for your personal collection along with other souvenirs.

Should you choose to visit one or all four museums while in Puerto Plata, you will not be disappointed. Puerto Plata is so very rich with culture and the museums accurately spotlight its fascinating history.

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