Horseback Riding in Puerto Plata

Have you ever ridden a horse through a jungle? Not many people can say that they have or were given the opportunity to do so…until now. Vacationing in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic offers almost every option under the sun. This is why you should try horseback riding through the jungle. How many times in your life would you be part of such a fun adventure?

Riding ability is not key, as it does not matter if you have ever ridden a horse before or if you are a natural pro. All you have to do is jump up on a horse and follow your guide through the tropical jungle in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The Puerto Plata horse ranches will match your abilities to that of your horse, and you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

Experience the ride through lush vegetation, through the jungle and down the mountainside. Can you imagine the views that will be available to you? Riding through the heavily wooded forests will take you into small villages where you will see locals living their daily lives. Once you have passed through the villages, you will ride up and over the hills and through wide clearings filled with beautiful plants, trees and flowers. You will be privy to hidden views that you normally would not have the option of seeing otherwise. Throughout this exciting adventure, you may also have the opportunity to ride your horse onto the beach. It’s by far the best riding experience you will ever have. If you are lucky, your guide will allow you to gallop your horse by the end of your tour. Of course, this is for those who are comfortable on their horses.

Horseback riding through small villages and through the hills is so very unique, that it is almost guaranteed that you will not experience this adventure anywhere else. The Puerto Plata horseback riding companies allot for plenty of time for riders to stop and take in the views and to photograph as much as your heart desires. Also, as you spend the day bonding with your horse and guide, you generally get to stop for a lunch that is provided on behalf of your touring company. The beauty of these guides is that they want their guests to have the best time possible so they cater to you and your needs.

The cost of horseback riding in this wonderful, tropical setting is inexpensive and well worth it. Whether you try it alone or with others, you will thoroughly enjoy your time spent with the horses. Anyone who has been horseback riding in Puerto Plata wants to experience it all over again because it is that much fun.

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