Discovering Puerto Plata’s 27 Waterfalls


Damajaqua Cascades consists of 27 waterfalls approximately 30 minutes from the heart of Puerto Plata. This waterfall system is located in the Northern Corridor mountain range with awe-inspiring pools etched out of limestone. It is the rarest of sites that cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the world.

Waterfall2There are many ways to experience the tour. The most popular choices are one of two separate tours and your choice will be based on how many of the waterfalls you’d like to see. There is a shorter three hour tour that allows for exploring seven of the waterfalls and then a longer tour that encompasses viewing all of the waterfalls. Either tour comes with an experienced guide that will explain the significance of the sites; what adventures are available; along with the views that must not be missed. Both of the tour options will require its’ tourists to hike up to the waterfalls whether the number of waterfalls being seen is seven or 27. Believe it or not, there are some diving spots or jumping off points and natural waterfall slides for all of those who are adventurous. The water is deep enough so don’t be alarmed and remember, it’s a little colder than one would think as the waterfalls are located in the mountains. There is also an opportunity to hire a personal driver and waterfall tour guide. This can allow for a more in-depth and meaningful tour of this amazing landmark.

Waterfall3Another spectacular choice is the Country World Adventure package that will allow one to experience 12 of the waterfalls. Of course any of the organized tours may include lunch, partaking of the island’s famous rum drinks, personal videos and the most beautiful and unimaginable sites. Make sure to bring the correct attire when taking the tour along with bug spray. Proper shoes are a must as some of the terrain can be a bit treacherous if wearing flip flops. Wearing regular tennis shoes or hiking shoes that can get wet are preferred.

For most, this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity that can’t be missed. Make sure Puerto Plata’s 27 Waterfalls is on the top of your list!

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  1. Tanya Alvarez says:

    Great post, I love your blog! Your website has been very useful in preparation of our visit to Puerto Plata in September. Thank you.

    • IPP Team says:

      Thank you, Tanya. We are thrilled to learn that you loved our blog and enjoy our website. You are going fall in love with Puerto Plata during your trip in September. Check back often, as there will be plenty of information you can use on your upcoming trip.

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