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Will you be visiting Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic by way of cruise ship?

Whether it is your first time visiting Puerto Plata, your first cruise to Puerto Plata or you are only stopping at the port for one day, there is more to do in Puerto Plata than one could ever imagine. The following articles will provide you with valuable information, as well as places we recommend during your visit.

Top 10 Things To Do In Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata ranks as a leader for vacationers visiting the Dominican Republic. With Amber Cove welcoming Carnival Cruise Line and Fathom™ cruise ships in late 2015 and early 2016, respectively, more visitors than ever will have the opportunity to experience Puerto Plata’s pristine beaches, picturesque mountains, plush jungles, rich history and excursions galore. Read our list of Top 10 Things To Do In Puerto Plata!

Transportation in Puerto Plata

There are several modes of transportation once in the city of Puerto Plata, all of which are very affordable. Deciding on a form of transportation can prove overwhelming as a first time vacationer learning to navigate around. Your modes of transportation include travel by minibus, taxi, rental car or even motoconcho.

Puerto Plata Beaches

One of the many reasons vacationers, whether traveling by cruise ship or airplane visit Puerto Plata is for the beautiful beaches. Puerto Plata and the surrounding area is packed full of pristine beaches that are beloved by almost all that travel here. There are so many gorgeous beaches, that there is at least one to suit your style. We are thrilled to guide you through the many beaches in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

 Victorian Architecture

Victorian architecture is prominent throughout Puerto Plata, and dates back to 1865, when the rebuilding of Puerto Plata began. The original Victorian influence can be attributed to the French, Italian, German, and English immigrants. One of the many wonderful activities to experience while a cruise ship visitor to Puerto Plata is a Victorian architecture exploration. Head downtown to Puerto Plata’s Central Park and make your way around the square, or even better, indulge in a ½ day guided city tour.

Puerto Plata History

Puerto Plata is rich in history and was the first European settlement in the New World. Whether your cruise ports for one day or one week in Puerto Plata, there are a great deal of history-rich destinations to explore and study. Inside Puerto Plata invites you to learn more about Puerto Plata’s interesting, and at times tumultuous history.

Museums & Culture

Many cruisers find themselves exploring, and yearning to learn more about other country’s culture. Puerto Plata is the city to do so, as the culture is thriving and there are several interesting museums directly in Puerto Plata, as well as the surrounding areas. Ranging from the Amber Museum, Casa Museo Gregorio Luperón, the Taíno Art Museum and the Jewish Historical Museum, all will make an impression and satisfy your desire for a cultural lesson. Being that Puerto Plata residents are so very proud of their culture, throughout the year Puerto Plata showcases multiple cultural events and festivals, including the annual weeklong Puerto Plata Cultural Festival, which is usually held the third week of June.

Damajaqua Cascades

As your cruise pulls into Amber Cove and you are planning for your Puerto Plata experience, Damajaqua Cascades or 27 Waterfalls should be at the very top of your list of experiences. This paradise within a paradise will offer you memories that last a lifetime and an experience like none other.

Whale Watching

If you are scheduled to take a cruise to Puerto Plata in January, February or March, chances are that you have added Whale Watching in Samana Bay to your activity list. If you have scheduled this spectacular excursion or just want to learn more, we invite you to read our feature about this mesmerizing experience outside of Puerto Plata.

Golfing in Puerto Plata

Many cruisers love golf almost as much as cruising, and luckily, Puerto Plata offers nothing short of a golfer’s paradise. Imagine golfing on the greenest rolling fairways with a beautiful ocean and mountainous backdrop. This is reality when golfing at one of Puerto Plata’s exquisite golf courses. Visit the Playa Dorada golf course, an expert designed Trent Jones Sr. course located within the Playa Dorada Resort Complex.

Local Eating

Cruisers love good food and so do Dominicans. Therefore, the dining options in Puerto Plata are just as plentiful as they are delicious. Ranging from fine dining to beach bars, Puerto Plata truly offers some of the most delectable dishes in the world. Allow Inside Puerto Plata to showcase our favorites, which are the best of the best, crème de la crème of Puerto Plata dining options.


Aside from its obvious beauty, one of the many reasons Puerto Plata has come to be known as a leading destination for vacationers is due to the many exciting excursions available in Puerto Plata and the surrounding areas. With a range of activities and excursions including, horseback riding, zip lining, Monkey Jungle Dominican Republic, underground skateboarding, ATV riding, deep sea fishing, white water rafting, river floating, flying trapeze and circus school, Ocean World Adventure Park and so much more, Puerto Plata is truly the excursion destination of the Dominican Republic!

Day Trips

Although there is an endless amount of beauty, activities, festivals and excursions within Puerto Plata city there are also many options for cruisers on the outskirts as well. Should you decide to venture further out and expand your horizons, there are many wonderful options for day trips, including, Sosúa, Cabarete, Costambar, Catamaran Tours, and much more!


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