Your Next Mancation Should Be In Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic


Do you want to take a mancation but haven’t decided where to go? Are you unsure of what a “mancation” actually is? Do you want to make sure that there is plenty to do for all the guys on your trip? No worries because the definition of mancation means getting your bros together and heading to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for the time of your life!

No joke, there is so much for a group of guys to do in Puerto Plata. First on the agenda, you will need to rent a villa. A villa is far better than any other accommodation because you and all your buddies will be together under one roof. You’ll have a variety of luxury amenities available to you that will blow your mind, including your own pool and personal chef!

The number of excursions in Puerto Plata is immense. If you’re a group of active guys, there’s golf, windsurfing, kiteboarding, whitewater rafting, deep sea fishing, hiking, climbing, snorkeling, ATVs, gambling at the casino, we could go on for days. There are so many activities central to Puerto Plata and you won’t want to miss a beat.

If you and your buds so choose, there is plenty of nightlife all around you. You certainly won’t need to overexert yourselves to get to these places. Bars and restaurants, both on and off the beach, have cool atmospheres, great drinks and amazing food.

Now, if you all like to golf, we recommend Playa Dorada and Los Mangos golf courses. As you can imagine, these courses sit within lush surroundings with beautiful views of the ocean, the mountains and the island. Playa Dorada is an amazing world-class golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. Los Mangos is a formidable course providing the best scenery. Both courses have pro shops and rental services. A round of golf includes a caddy, a golf cart and plenty of challenges.

Try your hand at scuba diving, and you will be diving right off the continental shelf. The diving is amazing because of the drop not far off the coast where you’ll have visibility of sea life ranging from tropical fish to sea turtles to almost every sea creature you could ever imagine. Scuba diving in Puerto Plata is incredible.

Take a tour of Brugal Rum Factory where you’ll be able to sample premium rum that is literally a world favorite. Tour cigar factories where you’ll enjoy the experience of rolling your own cigar and partaking in a few great cigars. These two tours can provide you and your friends a relaxing time while experiencing a bit of the island life.

This is a vacation for men, young and old or generally in between. Puerto Plata is just the place to go for everything you have ever wanted to do, but in one beautiful location. The weather is perfect, the golf is fantastic, the watersports are amazing, the tours are entertaining and the nightlife is what you make of it. You couldn’t possibly ask for more! It’s time for a mancation, visit Puerto Plata!

What are your plans for your next mancation?  Let us know in the comment section below.

A Romantic Night Out in Puerto Plata


IMG_2561Puerto Plata has so much to offer, it isn’t a surprise that on one, two or all of your nights visiting you will be able to enjoy a romantic night out with the one that you love. The city is filled with fantastic restaurants, sexy nightclubs and beautiful beaches to stroll quietly along hand in hand. Puerto Plata is the perfect setting for romance.

Inside Puerto Plata has written about some of the best restaurants Puerto Plata has to offer and that you will enjoy with your significant other. One of our favorites is Mares Restaurant & Pool Lounge, which offers a blend of farm to table dinners that are both decadent and ambrosial. The chef utilizes the island’s ingredients with other culinary traditions to create divine meals. Enjoy this memorable and delectable dining experience while overlooking the pool and lounge area.

IMG_2563Yet another romantic and phenomenal restaurant in Puerto Plata to start your night out with is Green Jack Restaurant. Green Jack provides a wide variety of delightfully, delicious food! You and your date have the option of enjoying a different dish each night through it’s food choices, up to and including all seasonings. It’s been said that guests amaze themselves with the dishes that they create on their own and with the Chef’s creation, it’s a meal that will never be forgotten. Atmospherically, Green Jack offers a small and romantic indoor section and a beautiful outdoor patio, should you and your love prefer to eat under the stars.

Ocean World Adventure Park is host to a twice-weekly date night on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which allows couples to enjoy dinner and a show. Not only is the food delectable but Bravissimo, the Las Vegas style show, is both sexy and highly entertaining.

IMG_2562As you know, music is a great way to connect with your special someone. Along El Malecón, couples are guaranteed to find Merengue and Salsa clubs, disco dancing nightclubs, live music and great fun. Both dances of Merengue and Salsa are sexy, hot and generate a lot of body heat, which is a perfect combination for couples in love.

Should you choose to head to Cabarete Beach or Playa Dorada, you will come across many quiet and romantic spots to sit and enjoy each other’s company or stroll and enjoy the scenery.

However you decide to spend your romantic night out with the one you love, be it wonderful restaurants, strolling along the beach, dancing the Merengue or relaxing in a small bar to listen to live music, you will be side by side with your loved one in romantic and unforgettable Puerto Plata.

Nightlife in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Nightlife Puerto PlataEveryone needs to kick up their heels and have a little fun, especially while in Puerto Plata. Getting out at night after a day on the beach or sightseeing around town, is an important part of the vacation. It only makes sense that Puerto Plata, being one of the largest resort towns in the world, has a nightlife that is alive and hopping. It’s packed full of live music, dance clubs, a casino and a professional exotic dance show.

Puerto Plata has an incredible amount to offer those who want to enjoy a night out on the town. For instance, Caberete Beach has many live music spots where visitors can sit back, relax and have a drink. It’s easy to find live jazz music playing in clubs on the beach by some of the best musicians around. This rings true for types of Caribbean music, Palo and Dominican Rock. It would be almost impossible to enjoy a night out in Puerto Plata and not hear someone playing music that brings others together in celebration.  

Nightlife Puerto Plata2Ocean World Adventure Park, while packed with families during the day playing on waterslides, swimming with sharks and dolphins and interacting with loving sea lions, is a well-known attraction at night with a dinner and dance show, Bravissimo. Puerto Plata’s Las Vegas style show will delight and amaze its guests through a show choreographed to Caribbean Rhythms. After the show, it’s just a short walk over to the casino to mingle, gamble, have a few drinks and hopefully win a big pot of money.

Dancing the night away isn’t for everyone, but for those who love to get their groove on, you will find it quite easy to locate merengue and bachata nightclubs. Merengue and bachata are popular island dances that can be found in almost every nightclub within Puerto Plata and the surrounding areas. It’s possible to get a merengue lesson or two before going out in order to refresh your memory or to learn a new step or two. If you’re lucky, you’ll be in town during the Merengue and Caribbean Rhythms Festival to stay late into the night, enjoying the island’s live music and to dance the national dance until your feet beg you to stop.

Nightlife Puerto Plata3Nightlife on the island has always included disco. Disco’s popularity hasn’t faltered in decades, and won’t be falling out of favor any time soon in Puerto Plata. This town is still hosting new disco club openings and filling them with locals and tourists alike. They can be found along the beach, in town and at Ocean World on the top floor.

If you’re looking to enjoy a few nights out on the town, every night out or only one night of entertainment, hit the town in Puerto Plata! A great time is had by all, and you will make memories that last a lifetime!

A Day Trip to Cabarete, Dominican Republic

When in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic there are several cities in the surrounding areas that are worth spending some quality time exploring. Located 38 km east of Puerto Plata, Cabarete’s many sights and activities will have every visitor entertained and coming back for more.

A Day Trip to Cabarete