Travel Tips: Planning a Weekend Getaway to Puerto Plata

There is so much to do and see in Puerto Plata that accomplishing it all in one weekend will be tough, but we have no doubt that you will succeed in having a great time. Whether your getaway will be with friends, family, or just your significant other, planning a weekend getaway will help you to recharge and escape the mundane of every day life. Of course, you will need to plan the time of year of your quick getaway in Puerto Plata, choose your flights, select the size of your villa, and choose from the many exciting activities Puerto Plata has to offer.

First and foremost, choose the time of year that best suits you. Puerto Plata offers a minimal to moderate range in air temperature, water temperature and wind. If you and your guests are not fans of high humidity, then planning your getaway around the months of July, August and September is a good idea for you. If you are all big fans of warm weather and warm tropical waters, the “winter” months in Puerto Plata will greatly resonate with you. Who knows, you may even extend your weekend getaway into a one or two week getaway!

Finding flights for everyone involved can easily become complicated. Have someone help you with your flights, or better yet find a travel agent with the ability to work with everyone’s time constraints, time zones and special needs. You will want everyone to arrive around the same time so a travel agent may very well be your best option.

When staying in a villa, you are provided with a vast number of amenities you wouldn’t ordinarily experience when staying in a hotel. Perks such as a private pool and a private Chef will allow you to decide if you prefer to head out to a local restaurant for breakfast or enjoy it with your travel companion(s) poolside in the privacy of your villa. Due diligence is key, so make sure to read the many Inside Puerto Plata blog posts to gain a full understanding about Puerto Plata, the local cuisine, top rated restaurants, excursions, monthly events and beautiful beaches.

Activities are aplenty in Puerto Plata. It will be very difficult for you to narrow down your “to-do” list, as the number of once in a lifetime excursions, activities and events are plentiful. Therefore, when on a weekend getaway in Puerto Plata and stretched for time, researching and deciding on your top activity selections is key. Day trips to Punta Rusia or Cayo Paraiso on a luxury yacht to snorkel and relax is one of the many fabulous activities that must be added to your list. The cable car ride up to Mount Isabel de Torres followed by shopping, drinks and dinner is another day of fun altogether. Visit Damajaqua Cascades, or 27 Waterfalls, to see the absolute beauty surrounding Puerto Plata. You will hike, jump from cliffs into cool springs and experience the beautiful landscape all in one day. Are you a golf lover? If so, 18 holes at the famous Playa Dorada Golf Course is a must, followed by a trip to the beach to relax and enjoy the cool ocean water.

Puerto Plata has an endless array of options for each and every visitor. Follow these tips when planning your weekend getaway and you are guaranteed to experience the weekend of your life!

Travel Tips for Multigenerational Vacations to Puerto Plata

Whether it’s the first generation or the second generation that plans your exciting vacation, the time you will spend together is priceless. You may not know it yet but you are creating memories that will be cherished for many years to come. Exploring, experiencing, and relaxing together in Puerto Plata will help your family to bond while growing even closer.

Gather your loved ones and plan the vacation together. Depending on the ages of your family members, you will want everyone’s input on the vacation destination, planned activities and excursions, and even the travel details. Accommodating each family member’s special request may prove challenging, but if each family member is able to pick at least one activity, you will be looking forward to a very successful and enjoyable vacation.

Choose an accommodation that will suit your entire family. Choosing to stay in a villa is both a smart and wonderful choice, as you will have the opportunity to stay together in a luxury setting, ranging in size from 3 – 7 bedrooms; that’s a whopping 14 family members a villa can accommodate. If your family is like most, everyone will be more than happy having their own bedroom. Don’t forget the many luxury villa perks, such as a private pool, private chef and the fact that the entire family can relax together under one roof, while sharing meals together, cooking together and making memories together.

Plan your activities to fit everyone’s requirements. If you have older parents or young children, hiking and climbing may not be at the top of your list of choice activities. Not to worry, Puerto Plata offers a variety of activities to suit every age and ability. A trip to Ocean World Adventure Park is perfect for all, especially families with children. The famous Puerto Plata Cable Car Tours will accommodate all ages, and is a breathtaking experience you and your family will not soon forget. Puerto Plata beaches are both beautiful and numerous, so why not spend a day relaxing on the gorgeous white Dominican sand you hear so much about? Remember, there are activities and excursions that will accommodate every age and ability, guaranteeing a great time to be had by all.

Remember to take time for yourself. Whether its solely you or maybe you and your significant other, it is important to take a little time away from everyone to create private memories while in beautiful Puerto Plata. If you have young children, ask their grandparents, aunt or uncle to babysit for the night, while you and your love sip champagne at the fabulous PURE nightclub. If a day outing is more appealing, the many romantic and wonderful restaurants, such as Mares Restaurant & Pool Lounge, can’t be missed! Wherever the destination may be, its imperative you take a few hours for just yourself or the two of you.

Take as many pictures as possible. We are warning you now; you will want to have the beautiful and exciting memories you experience in Puerto Plata captured on film or video. Because busy schedules often prevail, you may not find the time to take as many of these multigenerational vacations as you would like. Therefore, use this time together wisely and document, document, document! Time flies and memories fade but you will always have your heartwarming pictures and videos to return to over and over again.

Three or more generations of family members don’t often find the time to travel together. Follow these simple yet important tips and you are guaranteed a wonderful vacation, and to make memories that will last a lifetime!

How to Plan Your Next Girlfriends Getaway to Puerto Plata

This getaway will be all about happiness. You have to let go of your daily life, good or bad, and jump in with both feet. Don’t feel guilty about leaving your family for this short time; you deserve a little time with yourself and your closest friends.

First, pick the correct group of friends. Choose your girlfriends who appreciate a little sun, fun and relaxation on the tropical island of the Dominican Republic. This also means that you will need to invite those friends who own a passport. Waiting 3 months for your besties to acquire passports is not in the cards, you need this getaway now!

Second, choose your villa size. Choosing the correct villa size will help with the process of selecting the number of girlfriends that you will ask to accompany you on your getaway. Check out when selecting a luxury villa for you and your girlfriends. Each and every villa is as fabulous as the next, offering complete and utter luxury with amenities galore! A general rule of thumb is that two can sleep in each spacious bedroom. Therefore, if you select a three bedroom villa, get ready for a fabulous action packed getaway with five of your closest girlfriends.

Third, find flights that suit all of your girlfriends’ schedules. You’ve selected the villa, chosen your girlfriends, settled on the dates and are now choosing your flights to complete the exciting planning phase of a soon to be spectacular girlfriends getaway. Should you hire a travel agent, he or she will have greater capability of narrowing down the arrival times for each of you. Working with a travel agent will also help to cut down on the amount of time that it would take researching and comparing flights. If you are the type of person that enjoys the entire planning process then start by comparing airfare on the web. Websites such as, and are a fabulous option when seeking a discounted flight.

Fourth, gather information on activities and excursions that all of your girlfriends will enjoy, restaurants that each of you will love, beaches that offer activities your girls will expect and tours that will be of interest to you and your friends.

Fifth, once all of your planning is complete, bask in the glory of anticipation. Head out and shop for a few new swimsuits, a fabulous beach cover-up, warm weather sundresses, sandals and the perfect gear for the activities you and your girlfriends can’t wait to enjoy. A few new pieces of clothing, sunscreen, a big, floppy hat and a few great books/magazines will get you prepared for this exciting getaway.

Having your closest friends together, while recharging, refreshing friendships and basking in each other’s company is what true memories are made of. It’s a guarantee that your girlfriends will appreciate the time and effort you spent planning this getaway!

Travel Tips for Booking a Luxury Villa

TT1Booking a luxury villa can sometimes be a different process from booking a hotel room, especially if it’s your first time or you’re booking directly with a villa owner. Many luxury villa accommodations come at a premium therefore checking the availability and reserving quickly once travel dates are firm is essential to securing the villa.

Before finalizing your booking, make sure the cancellation policy and general requirements prior to your arrival have been explained to you. If a security deposit is required, be clear on what you should not do in order to get it back after your stay.

Here are our travel tips to consider when booking a luxury villa:


Take time to peruse the villa’s website to view all the accommodations that are offered and determine if they will fit your needs. A comprehensive website will include, at a minimum, professional photographs and descriptions, services, and policies. Deals and promotions and contact information for follow-up questions should also be accessible on the site. The best websites will typically have a blog and general travel information about your destination.


Delve into first-hand reviews that are written by previous villa guests. Reviews serve as a great resource and can aid in your decision-making. When reading reviews, however, you should be able to determine if there are incidents that occurred that were outside of the control of the villa owner or agent. Target well known review sites that cater to vacation rentals such as luxury villas.

Customer Service

Whether you are booking directly with a villa owner, agent, or through a booking service, the customer service you receive should be factored in to your final decision. Consider the professionalism displayed by the person on the phone and when exchanging email correspondence. Are your questions answered to your satisfaction and in a timely manner?

 Social Media Presence

In addition to maintaining an informative blog, the company representing the luxury villa of your choice should have a significant web presence on one or all of the following sites: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flipkey, Pinterest. A social media presence legitimizes the company and offers different avenues for interaction with potential guests.

Staying in a luxury villa can be one of the best experiences you will ever have while on vacation or traveling for business. Using the above travel tips will help ensure that you make the best decision for your stay.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic is the Perfect Destination Wedding Location

Destination WeddingDestination weddings are known for making a lasting impression and creating a lifetime of memories. A destination wedding in Puerto Plata gives you a beautiful scenic backdrop for that special day and a honeymoon that dreams are made of.

A destination wedding in Puerto Plata offers guests an array of activities during their stay. The city offers beautiful, white sandy beaches, and a rich history steeped in unique Dominican culture. Guests can enjoy a variety of adventurous activities such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, diving, and water rafting. Visit the wondrous Damajaqua Cascades by tour, hiking or climbing. Enjoy a cable ride up Mount Isabel de Torres, an 800 meter high mountain, which boasts vast views of the city and coastline, a 7-acre botanical garden tour, and a replica of Christ the Redeemer, the famous Brazilian statue. See sugar cane plantations and flourishing island terrain by taking a Dominican Outback ATV tour. If it is tranquility guests want there are golden beaches to relax on and sparkling blue waters for swimming. If shopping is the pleasure peruse the collection of boutiques in the Central Park area of Puerto Plata city or luxury shopping at the Plaza Turisol Complex, which is the largest shopping center on the north coast. Guests will appreciate the rich, green golf courses that are located throughout the island. After a fun-filled day wedding guests can enjoy a lively dining and nightlife experience.

Wedding AnniversariesWith a destination wedding, group accommodations, such as renting a luxury villa, can be less expensive as villa rentals tend to be equivalent to booking a luxury hotel room. They are spacious, private and a perfect place for a wedding party to gather and prepare for the big day. Luxurious all-inclusive accommodations offer a wide range of amenities and impeccable service. Every need will be met including pampering throughout the stay.

Plan a destination wedding around one of the big events that occur annually on the island: go whale watching in January, February, and March; experience Carnival and the Procigar Festival in February; gain insight into Dominican culture at the Puerto Plata Annual Cultural Festival in June; dance the night away at the Merengue Festival in September; be there for the start of the winter season of professional baseball in October listen to the world’s best Jazz musicians at the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival in November. These events and more highlight the rich culture of the island and provide you with endless possibilities for fun and relaxation.

Whether there for tranquility, adventure, or love a destination wedding on Puerto Plata will build lasting memories for a bride, groom and cherished wedding guests.

Here’s Why Villa Rentals Are Perfect for Business Travelers

Business Traveler2

If you are a frequent business traveler, hotels and hotel rooms may start to look the same no matter your destination, and you may find yourself yearning for an accommodation that offers a little more pizazz. For a signature business experience, luxury villa rentals may be the answer to that yearning. Luxury villas can certainly make your next business trip easy and comfortable by providing better accommodations, cost efficiency, team-building opportunities and meeting privacy.

Better accommodations

Private luxury villas typically offer more services than hotels and easily serve double duty as an office/home away from home environment. Villas are spacious abodes where you can walk around freely and indulge in the added comfort. Private villas come with private pools, a private chef and daily maid service. In addition, luxury villas are fitted with multiple television and stereo systems, areas for relaxing and unwinding, and full gourmet kitchens. Some luxury villas maintain on-site laundry services and fitness rooms right on the premises. When engaging and entertaining business guests, it is much more convenient to do so when you have the space and amenities that luxury villas provide. If traveling with your family on business, staying in a luxury villa is the perfect alternative to staying in a crowded hotel room.

Cost efficient

There is a common myth that luxury villas are more expensive than luxury hotels. The reality is that luxury villa rental rates per bedroom are on par with luxury hotel rates. Depending on the villa location, such as in the Caribbean, you can expect considerable savings by staying in a villa accommodation due to the lower cost of living and tourist driven location. For extended stays even more savings may be realized, as villa owners are prone to offer a promotion for long-term stays. 

Team building

Business TravelerCorporate retreats or team travel can be very daunting experiences. Wouldn’t your retreat be even more enjoyable if it were spent in a luxury villa, replete with the best amenities available? Villa rentals are not just great for large groups but small groups as well. Luxury villa rentals can help facilitate the bonds that are likely to be developed in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Privacy for Meetings

A main appeal of luxury villas is the feeling of privacy in an expansive space. Imagine holding your meeting on a terrace overlooking a well-kept, tropical garden.  These are attractive details that renting a luxury villa contribute to a business traveler’s experience.

For your next business trip, consider booking a private, luxury villa as a sensible, luxurious alternative while conducting your business meetings and achieving your business goals.

6 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Luxury Villa in Puerto Plata

Luxury villa rentals offer many benefits for travelers seeking a unique experience. While visiting Puerto Plata, consider staying in a luxury villa with your group of family and friends.

Here are our six reasons why we believe you should rent a luxury villa in Puerto Plata. Have another reason? Leave a comment below.

6 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Luxury Villa in Puerto Plata_000001 copy

Luxury Villas: A Great Option for Celebrating Special Events

When planning a special or celebratory event, travelers typically book hotel rooms for themselves and members in their group. Why not consider staying in a luxury villa during one of your next events? Here are our top 7 events that a private luxury villa would be an idyllic accommodation for.

PPLR Swimming


(1) Family Vacations and Reunions

Private, luxury villas are perfect for hosting multi-day events such as family reunions and vacations. Travel to a new and exciting destination; a great way to bring a family together and create lasting memories.


Bachelor party


(2) Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

The party would never end! Reserving a luxury villa where all the bridesmaids and groomsmen are centrally located equals more fun for everyone.



PPLR Weddings

(3) Weddings

This very special occasion should be captured in a luxurious setting. Book a luxury villa rental where you and your wedding party can relax and prepare for your big day in comfort and style.



PPLR Happy Birthday

(4) Birthdays

Satisfy your desire for a quick pleasure trip with a weekend birthday celebration you’ll never forget. A luxury villa will certainly serve as your home away from home while you rejuvenate.



PPLR Anniversaries



(5) Honeymoons

Treat yourself and your significant other to a long and soothing couple’s massage during your honeymoon. Bask in the sun and luxuriate near your private pool just a few steps from your very own private villa rental.


PPLR Weddings2


(6) Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrate your love with close friends and family by throwing an anniversary party in a luxury villa. An exotic island of your choice would serve as the perfect location for this notable occasion.


Girlfriends Getaway


(7) Girlfriend Getaways

Relish in the luxury amenities that a private villa offers with all your best girlfriends. Be sure to take in one (or two!) spa days during your well-deserved getaway.