Underground Skateboarding in Puerto Plata

Cabarete, a town located in the province of Puerto Plata is known for its many attributes, including kiteboarding, fishing, nature trails and hiking. But did you know that there is an underground skateboarding scene in Cabarete as well? The underground skateboarding scene started in the early 1990s and some of the world’s best and most noteworthy skaters have made Cabarete a highly competitive skate scene.

One of the most attractive aspects for skaters visiting Cabarete is the first underground skate ramp! This skater’s oasis featured at the eXtreme Hotel on Kite Beach was built in 2004, and was the first underground skate ramp in the world. The underground skate scene mixed with all of the international skaters flocking to this gorgeous destination, makes for quite the paradise for die-hard skaters. Aside from this popular ramp, there is also an amazing skate park in Cabarete, which is concrete, equipped with ramps, rails and many other jumps that make this park a skaters dream. Factor in the gorgeous weather and scenic views, and you will have one of the most memorable skates of your life. If you prefer to show off your skills, head on over to the famous Maui and Son’s, which has a large skate presence on the island, providing half pipes for skaters to enjoy.

The locals in Cabarete are very welcoming of both local and international skaters where you can meet new skate friends and learn new tricks when visiting Cabarete. So on your next trip to Puerto Plata Dominican Republic, enjoy the surf, sand, dune buggies and nature trails, but bring your board for some once in a lifetime skating!


River Floating on the Yassica River in Puerto Plata

Inside Puerto PlataSimilar to the United States, Puerto Plata has its own time-honored tradition of river floating. For those who do not know, river floating involves relaxing on an inner tube as you float down a river, enjoying the scenery and surroundings. On the outskirts of Cabarete lies the Yásicca River, which is a large river showcasing development along the riverside. This beautiful river plays host to river floaters galore. Each day, locals and tourists alike take to the Yásicca River for a day of relaxation and fun.

Prepare for your tubing experience by dressing for your day of fun. Make sure you are prepped in swimwear or loose fitting shorts and a tee shirt, but most of all, outfit yourself with a pair of sandals or sneakers that you don’t mind getting wet. Since you will need to walk out to the water, as well as back to the shore, your feet will get wet, and there is often times a rocky terrain. Next, make sure to bring along your beverage of choice. A long relaxing day on the river is best served by one, two or several thirst quenching drinks. In fact, since you are in the Dominican Republic, pack a cooler full of this fine country’s most popular beer, Presidente and pass them out to your friends.

Start your tubing experience at the shores of the Yásicca River, which has a natural lazy flow in many areas, making it perfect for floating. In addition to the relaxing flow, the river is surrounded by beautiful and exotic scenery that can’t be mimicked anywhere else in the world. Don’t be surprised if you spot exotic birds or a unique animal or two indigenous to the Dominican Republic. As you drift down the river, relaxing, taking in the sun and scenery, you will come across natural wonders, such as cave systems, jungle trails and the infamous magic mushroom, which is a waterfall that is popular for rappelling down. Swim to the shore, drop your tube and enjoy. Take your time to explore, relax and have fun. After all, isn’t that the purpose of vacationing?

So next time you’re in Puerto Plata, make sure you set aside time for a float in Cabarete. It is a guaranteed time of fun to be shared with friends and family.

Experience the Flying Trapeze in Cabarete

Here at Inside Puerto Plata we love to review and recommend numerous exciting excursions and activities for visitors to explore in cities in and around Puerto Plata. There is one activity we are very eager to share with you and that is the Flying Trapeze!

Approximately 45 minutes away from Puerto Plata in Cabarete, and located directly on Kite Beach, there is a well-known circus school and one of the many classes offered is the Flying Trapeze. Kaiceitos Circus is a professional circus and acrobatic program, offering classes for both professional and non-professional circus performers. This unique and extremely fun school is led by the famous Paul Roberts, who has over thirty years experience as a trapeze artist and has operated highly regarded circus schools in six countries and multiple cities. Owned and operated with his wife Sophie Roberts, Kaiceitos Circus offers classes to all ages and abilities and provides instruction in trapeze, aerial, fire dancing, tight wire, juggling, tumbling, the art of silks, trampoline and many other circus activities that you usually won’t find in your hometown. For parents worried about bringing their young children, you are in luck. Paul provides classes to children as young as 4 years old, offering up his Tumbling Tiny Tots class! If price point is a concern, circus school is extremely affordable, starting at $12.00 USD per class.

Kaiceitos Circus is so well known and popular that circus performers and professionals from all over the world flock to this famous school. If you are lucky, you may very well be waiting your turn aside professional circus performers training for their next big tour. In some instances, these spectacular circus performers will even put on an impromptu circus show for the newbies.

Kaiceitos Circus is open 365 days per year and has a very flexible schedule, allowing you to work this fun into your vacation. So next time you’re in Puerto Plata, make sure you plan accordingly and make your way to Kaiceitos Circus!

A Guided Tour Through El Choco National Park in Puerto Plata

El Choco National Park is the Dominican Republic’s beloved and some may argue, most beautiful national park. Spanning 48 square miles and located in Puerto Plata, El Choco National Park graciously offers its visitors many adventures while being surrounded by the most gorgeous fauna and spectacular cave systems in the country. The naturally preserved jungles showcase pristine views of the Dominican Republic’s thriving ecosystem.

This breathtaking national park hosts turquoise blue lagoons and crisp pastures, while being the home to many exotic animals, some only indigenous to the Dominican Republic. If bird watching is your forte, exotic birds can be spotted all around you, including the miniature Verlaine hummingbird. It’s a fact that you can locate 36 species of birds and 12 different species of bats while in the park so bring your binoculars and prepare to be amazed.

The caves within El Choco National Park are very popular and are where many visitors take their time exploring. The caves within the park are known as the Caribbean karst, which is a cave system that has sunken over time and created challenging hiking trails and breathtaking lagoons. Aside from the natural beauty, caves and wildlife, El Choco National Park is also home to natural springs, which are breathtaking and once visited, won’t easily be forgotten. If you are a hiking enthusiast, you will love El Choco National Park and the assortment of trails throughout.

Whether you are visiting El Choco National Park for its breathtaking views, exciting caves, vast wildlife or the challenging hiking, you will not be able to resist its sheer beauty. Enjoy a guided tour or venture out on your own; whatever your choice, you will have a most enjoyable time.

Wakeboarding on the Yassica River in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Exhilarating! This is the one all-encompassing word to describe wakeboarding on the Yassica River in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. To kick your vacation off with a bang you have to try it as soon as you arrive in Puerto Plata. In fact, call and schedule your tour before you arrive so there isn’t a chance that you’ll miss out. Locals and visitors alike flock to the Yassica River to wakeboard and take in the beautiful surroundings of Puerto Plata.

If you’ve never been wakeboarding before have no fear because there is a school in Cabarete that can give you the highlights, enabling you to get a grip on what to do so that you’ll enjoy wakeboarding to its fullest potential. Relish in a clean, clear, flat, cool river that eventually opens into the Atlantic Ocean. These types of river conditions are actually perfect for all wakeboarding levels of experience. It allows it to be easier to learn new skills, practice newly learned skills or skim along with the professionals. Don’t worry about having any equipment before you arrive. Your lifejacket, wakeboard, bindings and 30-50 foot rope will all be provided to you by your touring company. These experts are there to help and advise along the way should you need it.

Before you start, practice your stance on the wakeboard before getting on the water. Once you feel ready, get in the chair stance on the board with your rope in hand. Give the driver the sign that you’re ready to go and wait for it. Grasp the rope tightly with both hands and watch as your boat driver slowly reduces your slack pulling you up out onto the water. Wakeboarding is so cool whether you’re sporty or not. If you’re a little daring, try to get a little air between your board and the river. It’s possible and it’s a huge thrill!

In addition, the tropical landscape is amazing and includes beautiful flowers, coconut trees, and palm trees. You cannot ask for a better backdrop. There’s a very good chance you will take snapshots in your mind of what you’re seeing as you wakeboard in order to relive it over and over once you’re back home.

Wakeboarding is one of those sports that everyone can excel at with a little knowledge of what to do beforehand. The reward is immense, and you will be guaranteed the time of your life. When traveling to Puerto Plata, make sure to wakeboard on the Yassica River. It is an experience you will never forget.


Grrrrrrr: Take a Monster Truck Tour in Puerto Plata

The Monster Truck Tour in Puerto Plata is highly entertaining. Have you ever been in a truck so tall that the only way to enter is by step ladder? Have you ever been able to see all the sights and topography from your seat tall above the road? If you have answered no to either or both of these questions then embarking on this incredible monster truck safari tour while in Puerto Plata is a must!

Once seated 15 feet above the road with your closest friends and some new acquaintances, prepare yourself for off-roading and rough roads ahead. This is a monster truck after all, and the roads aren’t all smoothly paved. If bumpy roads aren’t your thing, the experience alone will more than make up for it.

Listen very carefully, because your monster truck tour guide will explain to you what you’re in store for and all the sights that will be seen. Even though you probably know that the tour takes you through Puerto Plata’s countryside, there is no way to know what you will actually see. You can research the monster truck tours online, but you still will not know all the details. At certain points during the tour, you’ll be inside Dominican communities along the way where you’ll see what’s happening on a daily basis and get insight into the day-to-day happenings of life in Puerto Plata. It’s possible for kids to be playing outside in the streets if school has let out; some folks could be chatting with their neighbors; observe people in the middle of running their daily errands. It’s the personal side of Dominican life that you’ll experience on this tour.

Sugar cane fields close up are aplenty. You may sample fresh coffee from coffee plantations and have a piece of fruit after a quick tour of a fruit plantation. All of this can happen in one day and anything is possible when taking this tour. Each and every tour has a friendly tour guide that will love talking about their beautiful country and telling great stories about what it’s like to live on the gorgeous island. Thankfully, you’ll spend the day with one of the knowledgeable, experienced tour guides who thoroughly enjoys sharing and explaining sights and general knowledge of Puerto Plata and its’ culture along the way.

Because these trucks are so tall and large, they are able to drive through rivers should it “be in the way”. It’s a blast to pummel through a river; it truly is off-roading at its finest. You’ll be given the opportunity to get out of the truck to have a little bit of Dominican lunch and take a swim in one of Puerto Plata’s refreshing rivers. Sampling some of the Dominican dishes is another great way to get a feel of island life and of course, swimming is great fun!

Taking a Monster Truck Tour is a fantastic way to understand where you’re visiting while peeking into the life of Puerto Plata. It’s entertaining and at certain moments a real rush. It would be a shame if you missed out!

5 Amazing Family Adventures in Puerto Plata

Family vacations are what memories are made of. Everyone wants to relax and kick back while spending quality time together. A family vacation in Puerto Plata is phenomenal all in itself, but spending a family vacation venturing out of your comfort zone and having a blast while in Puerto Plata is priceless. It’s important to keep in mind that you are creating memories with your loved ones and bonding and enjoying one another. Don’t forget to have fun! Numerous family adventures await you, so it’s time to gather everyone together and head to Puerto Plata!

The first adventure we are pleased to suggest for you is an all-day rafting trip. The Jarabacoa rafting trip takes you down the longest river in the Dominican Republic, the Yaque del Norte River, for a one-day adventure. It is absolutely exhilarating as you raft down class 3 rapids, experiencing the waves splashing over you as you wind through the river’s curves and bends. Depending on the size of your family, all may fit into one raft. You will be served a delicious Dominican lunch, offered the option of swimming, cliff diving, and land exploration. Take this trip together as a family and enjoy the day making new memories.

The next family adventure that must be experienced is the Damajaqua Cascades. This 27 waterfalls adventure provides everything you need; tranquility, great exercise and adrenaline-charged jumps into cool waters that ease your weary bones. You will find yourselves relying on each other to make it to all 27 waterfalls in one day. It may seem overwhelming but it’s not, it’s just great fun and absolutely beautiful. Put your hiking shoes on and wear something light that you don’t mind getting wet. Climbing, hiking and cliff jumping are the flavor of the day while at Damajaqua Cascades. It’s a spectacular and breathtaking adventure for your entire family and a great day to be had by all!

If your family loves sea life, Ocean World needs to be at the top of your list. Swimming with dolphins, sharks and stingrays are an adventure all on their own. Each family member will have the opportunity to actually swim alongside dolphins, feed them, pet them and even cover them with kisses. The same goes for swimming with sharks and stingrays. Everyone can swim alongside them, pet them and feed them. Yes, we said sharks! Of course, it’s totally up to you if you want to kiss them. This adventure is exciting for everyone, so plan to be amazed.

If your family is seeking an adventure that doesn’t entail a lot of footwork, we suggest that you gather your crew and head on over to the Monster Truck Safari Adventure. Spend the day perched high above the ground in a truck that will take you everywhere you could ever want to visit in Puerto Plata. You’ll see and learn about the Dominican culture and people, while taking in the beautiful, unscathed landscape of this wonderful country. What you won’t see or hear is busy streets, honking horns or tourists running around. You’ll be able to truly experience living and working in the Dominican Republic.

One of our favorite and most exciting adventures is the ATV tour adventure. Each family member will have their own ATV (depending on age) so you are in charge of your own fun, yet still experiencing it together as a family. You will ride with individual freedom while seeing and exploring gorgeous Puerto Plata. Our favorite part of the adventure is the fact that you get to drive on the beautiful beaches. This mind-blowing adventure is an incredibly fun time, and will provide your family with conversations for years to come.

One of the many beauties of Puerto Plata is that you can be as active as you choose, so take full advantage of the family adventures this fantastic and exciting city has to offer. Puerto Plata provides beaches, mountainous regions and a jungle to fulfill the crazy adventurous side in all of you.

Things to Do: Dune Buggy Adventures in Puerto Plata

Have you ever been on a dune buggy? You have to know just by looking at a dune buggy that they are nothing but excitement and fun and that you would have the time of your life riding one. Vacations are the time to try new things, see new sights, eat new foods and drive a dune buggy.

Dune buggy adventures in Puerto Plata allow you to show yourself the lay of the land. They are the vehicle of choice that takes you around the city and the countryside, proving that the Dominican Republic is all that and a bag of chips. This recreational vehicle has large wheels, big tires and an open cabin giving its occupants the capability to see everything that surrounds them. Dune buggies are beach, desert and sand vehicles; they literally can go almost anywhere.

When in your lifetime will you have the opportunity to drive in a dune buggy through a Dominican village, a fruit plantation, a coffee plantation, and a sugar cane field? Explore the vicinity, drive through mud pools, drive on the beach along the Atlantic coastline; any and all of these routes through Puerto Plata are a great way to experience this beautiful city.

Dune buggies can be rented through tour companies for up to four hours at a time. A guide will take you out and be your leader while driving his own dune buggy. There is always a cap on the number of people who will be allowed on your tour, so keep this in mind when making your reservations. Limiting the tours to a small number of participants allows for a more personalized tour of the countryside.

All of the equipment needed will be provided to you by your tour, such as a helmet and a scarf for your face to protect you from dust and debris while driving. You will no doubt be amazed by what your tour will have to offer. It’s one thing to see fields of fruit and coffee beans from the road while driving by, but it’s literally a sight to be seen when you are up close and personal driving through the actual fields.

A dune buggy tour will not only amaze you, but will stand out as one of the most memorable experiences of your vacation.

Zip Lining Through Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Have you ever wished that you could see the world from the treetops? Would you like to look down from high above to experience what birds are able to see while flying by? Does swinging from tree to tree sound even remotely interesting to you? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you need to zip line while visiting Puerto Plata!

The beautiful city of Puerto Plata offers many exciting adventures and excursions. For your zip lining adventure, you will start your day off by being picked up in a Jeep by your chosen adventure company. The jeep ride will take you deep into the jungle where there is always the possibility of spotting wildlife only indigenous to the Dominican Republic.

Upon arrival at the zip line basecamp, make sure to take a moment and evaluate your surroundings. Beauty like this is not something you see every day. Once you have taken in the surrounding paradise, allow your instructor to explain how you will have the opportunity to try up to ten zip line courses during the day. The zip line platforms are built high above the ground, perched within the trees to hold you when transferring from one zip line to the next. The well-experienced guides are guarding every transition stage to get you onto your next line safely and securely.

Rest assured, safety is key for all companies providing zip line adventure tours. You will be safely secured to your lines by harnesses checked by experts before ever leaving the ground. You are then equipped with the harness along with a helmet and gloves. There is nothing to worry about and everything to see. Your guide is there to calm your fears if you have any apprehensions. It is possible to ride tandem with an expert if you cannot squelch that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach due to your fear of heights. Don’t worry; there is a high probability that it may only take one zip line to push you out on your own.

Zip lining is exhilarating! These magic lines in the sky take you through the jungle in the mountainous region of Puerto Plata. People have been known to see monkeys swinging through the trees along with parrots and other birds flying by, occasionally landing on the platforms and sometimes on zip liner’s heads.

The cost to zip line is relatively inexpensive and definitely worth every single peso. It is a guarantee that you will enjoy seeing Puerto Plata from a different perspective. This once in a lifetime adventure will get your heart racing and your adrenaline rushing.

Challenge your inner child to a zip line tour, once for certain and then maybe twice just because it’s awesome.

Snorkeling at Cayo Paraiso in Puerto Plata

The sparkling blue waters of Cayo Paraiso (Paradise Island) will invite you in on a hot Puerto Plata day. Instead of spending your day lounging on the beach, take advantage of what the beautiful Puerto Plata ocean has to offer you. Spend your time exploring underwater surroundings at Cayo Paraiso.

This hidden gem called Cayo Paraiso is a small deserted island off the coast of Puerto Plata. The sand is the whitest of white and the waters the bluest of blue. You could not ask for more than this; Cayo Paraiso is heaven on earth. Directly off this gorgeous but tiny island’s shore is a natural sandbar and shortly beyond the sandbar is the breathtaking coral reef.

The north coast waters of the Dominican Republic provide some of the most colorful snorkeling adventures the world has to offer. The tropical fish come in all shapes, colors and sizes. The sea creatures, equally as colorful, are guaranteed to be some of the most beautiful specimens that you will ever set your eyes upon. However, the most fascinating sight of all is the pristine coral reefs that serve as the backdrop to snorkelers in these warm tropical waters.

The Dominican Republic is a huge proponent of protecting its ecosystem and coral reefs, which helps ensure a truly magical snorkeling experience. Coral reefs are built by colonies of tiny animals found in waters that contain few nutrients. Most coral reefs are built from stony corals that consist of polyps that cluster in groups. It’s a sight to be had and an extremely fun adventure.

Snorkeling is an excursion that must be taken advantage of while vacationing in Puerto Plata. Locating a snorkeling tour that will take you to Cayo Paraiso will prove quite easy, so placing this activity on the top of your list is a must. The snorkeling tours often include all of the snorkeling equipment needed for a successful outing, including a mask, fins, vest and a snorkel. Many of the excursions will provide lunch and drinks.

Spending the afternoon snorkeling at Cayo Paraiso is guaranteed to prove both relaxing and adventurous. It will be entertaining and interactive; insightful and beautiful; and all in all, a memory to last a lifetime. Through snorkeling, you will have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy life underwater in Puerto Plata. Whether a seasoned snorkeler or a beginner, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life snorkeling at Cayo Paraiso.