Your Next Mancation Should Be In Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic


Do you want to take a mancation but haven’t decided where to go? Are you unsure of what a “mancation” actually is? Do you want to make sure that there is plenty to do for all the guys on your trip? No worries because the definition of mancation means getting your bros together and heading to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for the time of your life!

No joke, there is so much for a group of guys to do in Puerto Plata. First on the agenda, you will need to rent a villa. A villa is far better than any other accommodation because you and all your buddies will be together under one roof. You’ll have a variety of luxury amenities available to you that will blow your mind, including your own pool and personal chef!

The number of excursions in Puerto Plata is immense. If you’re a group of active guys, there’s golf, windsurfing, kiteboarding, whitewater rafting, deep sea fishing, hiking, climbing, snorkeling, ATVs, gambling at the casino, we could go on for days. There are so many activities central to Puerto Plata and you won’t want to miss a beat.

If you and your buds so choose, there is plenty of nightlife all around you. You certainly won’t need to overexert yourselves to get to these places. Bars and restaurants, both on and off the beach, have cool atmospheres, great drinks and amazing food.

Now, if you all like to golf, we recommend Playa Dorada and Los Mangos golf courses. As you can imagine, these courses sit within lush surroundings with beautiful views of the ocean, the mountains and the island. Playa Dorada is an amazing world-class golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. Los Mangos is a formidable course providing the best scenery. Both courses have pro shops and rental services. A round of golf includes a caddy, a golf cart and plenty of challenges.

Try your hand at scuba diving, and you will be diving right off the continental shelf. The diving is amazing because of the drop not far off the coast where you’ll have visibility of sea life ranging from tropical fish to sea turtles to almost every sea creature you could ever imagine. Scuba diving in Puerto Plata is incredible.

Take a tour of Brugal Rum Factory where you’ll be able to sample premium rum that is literally a world favorite. Tour cigar factories where you’ll enjoy the experience of rolling your own cigar and partaking in a few great cigars. These two tours can provide you and your friends a relaxing time while experiencing a bit of the island life.

This is a vacation for men, young and old or generally in between. Puerto Plata is just the place to go for everything you have ever wanted to do, but in one beautiful location. The weather is perfect, the golf is fantastic, the watersports are amazing, the tours are entertaining and the nightlife is what you make of it. You couldn’t possibly ask for more! It’s time for a mancation, visit Puerto Plata!

What are your plans for your next mancation?  Let us know in the comment section below.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic is the Perfect Destination Wedding Location

Destination WeddingDestination weddings are known for making a lasting impression and creating a lifetime of memories. A destination wedding in Puerto Plata gives you a beautiful scenic backdrop for that special day and a honeymoon that dreams are made of.

A destination wedding in Puerto Plata offers guests an array of activities during their stay. The city offers beautiful, white sandy beaches, and a rich history steeped in unique Dominican culture. Guests can enjoy a variety of adventurous activities such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, diving, and water rafting. Visit the wondrous Damajaqua Cascades by tour, hiking or climbing. Enjoy a cable ride up Mount Isabel de Torres, an 800 meter high mountain, which boasts vast views of the city and coastline, a 7-acre botanical garden tour, and a replica of Christ the Redeemer, the famous Brazilian statue. See sugar cane plantations and flourishing island terrain by taking a Dominican Outback ATV tour. If it is tranquility guests want there are golden beaches to relax on and sparkling blue waters for swimming. If shopping is the pleasure peruse the collection of boutiques in the Central Park area of Puerto Plata city or luxury shopping at the Plaza Turisol Complex, which is the largest shopping center on the north coast. Guests will appreciate the rich, green golf courses that are located throughout the island. After a fun-filled day wedding guests can enjoy a lively dining and nightlife experience.

Wedding AnniversariesWith a destination wedding, group accommodations, such as renting a luxury villa, can be less expensive as villa rentals tend to be equivalent to booking a luxury hotel room. They are spacious, private and a perfect place for a wedding party to gather and prepare for the big day. Luxurious all-inclusive accommodations offer a wide range of amenities and impeccable service. Every need will be met including pampering throughout the stay.

Plan a destination wedding around one of the big events that occur annually on the island: go whale watching in January, February, and March; experience Carnival and the Procigar Festival in February; gain insight into Dominican culture at the Puerto Plata Annual Cultural Festival in June; dance the night away at the Merengue Festival in September; be there for the start of the winter season of professional baseball in October listen to the world’s best Jazz musicians at the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival in November. These events and more highlight the rich culture of the island and provide you with endless possibilities for fun and relaxation.

Whether there for tranquility, adventure, or love a destination wedding on Puerto Plata will build lasting memories for a bride, groom and cherished wedding guests.

It’s Par for the Course: Where You Should Golf During Your Puerto Plata Vacation

golf1Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic is host to some of the most well-known and beautiful golf courses in the world. One of the most popular golf courses is Playa Dorada Golf Course. Playa Dorada offers 18 holes of challenging 72 par golf in the lush Caribbean tropical setting of the Dominican Republic. Within minutes of the heart of Puerto Plata, Playa Dorada is an amazing world-class golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. Mr. Jones is a well-known golf course architect who designed over 500 golf courses in the United States and 35 other countries all around the world. Playa Dorada offers a pro shop, rental services and two restaurants with excellent menu choices at the entrance of the golf club, both of which are open seven days a week. Several of the holes are located near the ocean and offer breathtaking views. The course layout is well playable, the caddies are friendly and knowledgeable and the exceptional greens make scoring easy. The course is well maintained and the greens are fair Bermuda. The course is somewhat flat making it easily walkable with strategically placed water hazards, plantation and many doglegs. There are enough challenges to keep the avid golfer interested with more than a few good risk and reward shots possible. No one should miss Playa Dorada’s par 5s, as they are probably the highlight of this amazingly tropical golf course. There aren’t many golf courses that sit on a beach and have beautiful ocean views, which makes Play Dorada Golf Course all the more special. The green fees are reasonable with one huge plus, a tee-time is readily accessible most anytime. If the love of playing golf is high on the list of priorities, then you need to schedule a tee time at Playa Dorada Golf Course.


Another spectacular golf course to play hile visiting Puerto Plata is Los Mangos Golf Course, which is a unique favorite for families and singles. It sits within a plethora of mango trees, avocado plants and variety of exotic plants and flowers, hence the name Los Mangos. This beautiful 9-hole course can be found just a short 5 minute drive from Puerto Plata City. Along golf3with this family friendly course is a driving range and an excellent restaurant. Don’t think that this is an easy course with the par 3s and par 4s. It can be a challenging golf course for even the most skilled golfer, as it has many precarious par 3 holes with a few that have hidden greens. The elevated greens can change the game by testing any level of golfer as they’re quite tricky. Along with a fairly priced round of golf and equipment rentals are the most friendly and knowledgeable caddies in Puerto Plata. Los Mangos is a formidable course providing the best scenery around, along with a beautiful pool to entertain those who don’t want to take on a round of golf. What a fun and all-around great place to take the family for an afternoon!

Luxury Villas: A Great Option for Celebrating Special Events

When planning a special or celebratory event, travelers typically book hotel rooms for themselves and members in their group. Why not consider staying in a luxury villa during one of your next events? Here are our top 7 events that a private luxury villa would be an idyllic accommodation for.

PPLR Swimming


(1) Family Vacations and Reunions

Private, luxury villas are perfect for hosting multi-day events such as family reunions and vacations. Travel to a new and exciting destination; a great way to bring a family together and create lasting memories.


Bachelor party


(2) Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

The party would never end! Reserving a luxury villa where all the bridesmaids and groomsmen are centrally located equals more fun for everyone.



PPLR Weddings

(3) Weddings

This very special occasion should be captured in a luxurious setting. Book a luxury villa rental where you and your wedding party can relax and prepare for your big day in comfort and style.



PPLR Happy Birthday

(4) Birthdays

Satisfy your desire for a quick pleasure trip with a weekend birthday celebration you’ll never forget. A luxury villa will certainly serve as your home away from home while you rejuvenate.



PPLR Anniversaries



(5) Honeymoons

Treat yourself and your significant other to a long and soothing couple’s massage during your honeymoon. Bask in the sun and luxuriate near your private pool just a few steps from your very own private villa rental.


PPLR Weddings2


(6) Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrate your love with close friends and family by throwing an anniversary party in a luxury villa. An exotic island of your choice would serve as the perfect location for this notable occasion.


Girlfriends Getaway


(7) Girlfriend Getaways

Relish in the luxury amenities that a private villa offers with all your best girlfriends. Be sure to take in one (or two!) spa days during your well-deserved getaway.