White Water Rafting Down the Yaque del Norte River

3Attention extreme sporting enthusiasts, have we got the excursion for you! If adrenaline, challenging yourself, excitement and loads of fun sound like your perfect day, then you must try white water rafting down the Yaque del Norte River!

This unique and beautiful river is the longest river in the Caribbean. It is a monstrous 185.2 mi/298 km long, and centrally located in the mountainous region of the Dominican Republic. Extreme vacationers and locals flock to the Yaque del Norte River to enjoy their perfect day of extreme adventure.

Once booked, you will be picked up at your hotel or resort, transported to the rafting base, which ends up being an approximate 2.5 hour ride from Puerto Plata, as there will be stops to be made. But don’t fret, the view is amazing and there is air conditioning in the van. Upon arrival to the base, you will be suited up with all the equipment you need, including wetsuits and even breakfast! Make sure to remember this is a long and challenging day on the water, so it is imperative you bring shorts, t-shirts, rubber soled shoes, a change of clothes, and leave your kids behind! Seriously, kids are not allowed.

Following breakfast, you will congregate by an entry point. Take a deep breath and start your adventure, and is it ever an adventure! You will feel as if you are flying down the rapid river, bouncing off of mini waves and rocks, all while your professional guides ensure you are safe and navigating the right way. If for any reason this intense excitement becomes too much for the moment, not to worry. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to stop, eat a snack provided to you by the tour, swim through the “Crocodile” rapids and even jump from the famous “El Cerrazo” rock. Once you have all had your fill of adrenaline for the day, you will make your way back to the base camp, where you will be provided with a lunch one could only dream of. Looking out over the river, you will dine on a buffet of authentic Dominican cuisine.

As you can gather, this is an extreme sport enthusiast’s dream. So if you are planning your next trip to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, make the wise decision of securing your spot white water rafting down the Yaque del Norte River.

Your Next Mancation Should Be In Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic


Do you want to take a mancation but haven’t decided where to go? Are you unsure of what a “mancation” actually is? Do you want to make sure that there is plenty to do for all the guys on your trip? No worries because the definition of mancation means getting your bros together and heading to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for the time of your life!

No joke, there is so much for a group of guys to do in Puerto Plata. First on the agenda, you will need to rent a villa. A villa is far better than any other accommodation because you and all your buddies will be together under one roof. You’ll have a variety of luxury amenities available to you that will blow your mind, including your own pool and personal chef!

The number of excursions in Puerto Plata is immense. If you’re a group of active guys, there’s golf, windsurfing, kiteboarding, whitewater rafting, deep sea fishing, hiking, climbing, snorkeling, ATVs, gambling at the casino, we could go on for days. There are so many activities central to Puerto Plata and you won’t want to miss a beat.

If you and your buds so choose, there is plenty of nightlife all around you. You certainly won’t need to overexert yourselves to get to these places. Bars and restaurants, both on and off the beach, have cool atmospheres, great drinks and amazing food.

Now, if you all like to golf, we recommend Playa Dorada and Los Mangos golf courses. As you can imagine, these courses sit within lush surroundings with beautiful views of the ocean, the mountains and the island. Playa Dorada is an amazing world-class golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr. Los Mangos is a formidable course providing the best scenery. Both courses have pro shops and rental services. A round of golf includes a caddy, a golf cart and plenty of challenges.

Try your hand at scuba diving, and you will be diving right off the continental shelf. The diving is amazing because of the drop not far off the coast where you’ll have visibility of sea life ranging from tropical fish to sea turtles to almost every sea creature you could ever imagine. Scuba diving in Puerto Plata is incredible.

Take a tour of Brugal Rum Factory where you’ll be able to sample premium rum that is literally a world favorite. Tour cigar factories where you’ll enjoy the experience of rolling your own cigar and partaking in a few great cigars. These two tours can provide you and your friends a relaxing time while experiencing a bit of the island life.

This is a vacation for men, young and old or generally in between. Puerto Plata is just the place to go for everything you have ever wanted to do, but in one beautiful location. The weather is perfect, the golf is fantastic, the watersports are amazing, the tours are entertaining and the nightlife is what you make of it. You couldn’t possibly ask for more! It’s time for a mancation, visit Puerto Plata!

What are your plans for your next mancation?  Let us know in the comment section below.

Travel Tips: Planning a Weekend Getaway to Puerto Plata

There is so much to do and see in Puerto Plata that accomplishing it all in one weekend will be tough, but we have no doubt that you will succeed in having a great time. Whether your getaway will be with friends, family, or just your significant other, planning a weekend getaway will help you to recharge and escape the mundane of every day life. Of course, you will need to plan the time of year of your quick getaway in Puerto Plata, choose your flights, select the size of your villa, and choose from the many exciting activities Puerto Plata has to offer.

First and foremost, choose the time of year that best suits you. Puerto Plata offers a minimal to moderate range in air temperature, water temperature and wind. If you and your guests are not fans of high humidity, then planning your getaway around the months of July, August and September is a good idea for you. If you are all big fans of warm weather and warm tropical waters, the “winter” months in Puerto Plata will greatly resonate with you. Who knows, you may even extend your weekend getaway into a one or two week getaway!

Finding flights for everyone involved can easily become complicated. Have someone help you with your flights, or better yet find a travel agent with the ability to work with everyone’s time constraints, time zones and special needs. You will want everyone to arrive around the same time so a travel agent may very well be your best option.

When staying in a villa, you are provided with a vast number of amenities you wouldn’t ordinarily experience when staying in a hotel. Perks such as a private pool and a private Chef will allow you to decide if you prefer to head out to a local restaurant for breakfast or enjoy it with your travel companion(s) poolside in the privacy of your villa. Due diligence is key, so make sure to read the many Inside Puerto Plata blog posts to gain a full understanding about Puerto Plata, the local cuisine, top rated restaurants, excursions, monthly events and beautiful beaches.

Activities are aplenty in Puerto Plata. It will be very difficult for you to narrow down your “to-do” list, as the number of once in a lifetime excursions, activities and events are plentiful. Therefore, when on a weekend getaway in Puerto Plata and stretched for time, researching and deciding on your top activity selections is key. Day trips to Punta Rusia or Cayo Paraiso on a luxury yacht to snorkel and relax is one of the many fabulous activities that must be added to your list. The cable car ride up to Mount Isabel de Torres followed by shopping, drinks and dinner is another day of fun altogether. Visit Damajaqua Cascades, or 27 Waterfalls, to see the absolute beauty surrounding Puerto Plata. You will hike, jump from cliffs into cool springs and experience the beautiful landscape all in one day. Are you a golf lover? If so, 18 holes at the famous Playa Dorada Golf Course is a must, followed by a trip to the beach to relax and enjoy the cool ocean water.

Puerto Plata has an endless array of options for each and every visitor. Follow these tips when planning your weekend getaway and you are guaranteed to experience the weekend of your life!

Taking a Freestyle Catamaran Tour Along the North Coast

A luxury boat, snorkeling, beautiful views, lunch, and drinks. Does this sound good to you? It sounds perfect and it is all available to you and yours when you choose to take a freestyle catamaran tour along the north coast of the Dominican Republic. This luxurious boat excursion allows you the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy. It is by far one of the best excursions in beautiful Puerto Plata.

The sun is always shining in Puerto Plata. Therefore, set sail along the shores of the north coast while viewing the beautiful coastline and taking in the gorgeous surroundings. The warm and calm water will surround you while the gentle breeze blows atop your skin, cooling you down on a hot Puerto Plata day.

This day-long catamaran cruise will allow you to let your hair down and appreciate all of the many amenities offered. You won’t have to lift a finger, as there will be a Dominican based buffet lunch served, alongside cocktails of your choice. Keep in mind; you may want to hold off on the cocktails until after you’ve had the chance to snorkel. While on this amazing catamaran cruise, you have the ability to snorkel and enjoy the inviting warm waters and many tropical fish in this beautiful country’s deep blue sea. You are guaranteed to come face to face with a multitude of colorful, tropical fish along with the perfect, sacred coral reef to gape at in amazement.

The catamaran’s crew is friendly and accommodating to everyone’s needs. They also can be quite entertaining at times when they showcase their dance moves, dancing and moving to the lively Caribbean music pumping out of the boat’s many speakers.

At several points along the way, this luxurious catamaran makes several island stops to allow you the enjoyment of the beautiful blue waters, should you have taken to the sun deck earlier in the trip. Whatever your flavor may be, snorkeling, sunning or floating in the ocean, it is all at your fingertips.

A Day Trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic is packed full of exciting adventures, fun activities, rich history, delicious restaurants and beautiful beaches

However, if you are yearning for a day trip, Santiago, Dominican Republic is a choice that will not dissapoint.


A Day Trip to Costambar, Dominican Republic

Just when you think the Dominican Republic can’t get any more beautiful, you take a day trip to Costambar.

Costambar is not only serene, but a great fit for visitors seeking to explore Puerto Plata’s surrounding areas, while disengaging from the day-to-day life you left behind. You’ve taken this vacation because you needed it, and have finally escaped the hustle and bustle of every day life. In Costambar, you are guaranteed to take it down one more notch.

Costambar is located three short miles to the west of Puerto Plata but wow, the difference three miles makes! This is a small, gated village offering a handful of restaurants, quaint food stores and an internet café. Costambar has a private community made up of time-shares, condominiums and single-family homes. The general population consists of expats who reside here a few months out of the year, generally during the winter months. Costambar is quaint, peaceful and by far one of the most beautiful and relaxing secrets in the Dominican Republic.

Soft and fine, white sand covers Playa Costambar. The turquoise blue water and palm trees complete the most idyllic setting for a day to supercharge. You won’t encounter a great deal of beach traffic or water sports, which allows you the opportunity to truly relax.

The spectacular and beautiful coral reef protects the beach making it perfect for your young children to play in the shallow water. Make sure you are cautious though, as the coral reef drops off, plunging down more than 25 feet.   As the tide disappears further into the sparkling sea, carefully walk out to see what marine life lives abundantly just beyond the water’s edge.

If you would like to venture out beyond the coral reef in order to dive or snorkel, Costambar is the perfect place to do so. Should land be more appealing, you are in luck, as there is a great deal of beach area to explore and play. Costambar’s beach is a well-kept secret, perfect for both novices and experienced beach-goers alike.

A day trip to Costambar is guaranteed to soothe your soul. There is a certain sense of freedom for those who are in search of a break from crowded beaches filled with visitors, locals, beach vendors and water sports. Walking down the beach, your toes in the Costambar sand, you will relax, unwind and enjoy the quiet calm.

A Day Trip to Sosúa, Dominican Republic

Without a doubt, you have probably heard of the town of Sosúa. What you probably did not know is that there is much more to see in Sosúa than its wonderful beach, as it is a town that offers history, architecture and an “alive” feeling. The people that live in Sosúa are kind, friendly, full of energy and excited to share just about any information they can about the place they call home.

Located 38 km east of Puerto Plata, Sosúa was settled by roughly 700 to 800 Jewish refugees during the Second World War who developed a thriving dairy business while living in Sosúa. Although many of these Jewish settlers and their families no longer reside in Sosúa, the dairy business stayed intact causing foreigners to move in from countries such as Canada, America, Austria and Germany. Not long after, tourists began flocking to this small town and helped it become the hotspot that it is today.

Sosúa boasts Castillo Mundo King or Castle of the King of the World. It is a unique and bizarre building filled with art, wood and rock carvings, sculptures and even some extraterrestrial beings from the Dominican Republic, Haiti and “beyond”. This thoughtfully filled, one-of-a-kind museum also hosts some of the best views in town.

After an educational stop, make sure to hit the beach and watch the windsurfers. Even better, take the time to dive or snorkel; the reefs that lay just beyond the beach are full of colorful, tropical fish and many other exquisite sea creatures. Hop on a boat and travel out into the ocean to partake in some of the best deep sea diving the world has to offer. The boats leave right off the beach making it very easy for those interested to find such an excursion.   Sosúa Beach is both breathtaking and welcoming to those who love being in or on the water.

If you love being at the beach but do not want to be actively involved in the water, check out the many shops and restaurants along the shore. Locals in the area sell handmade wood and rock carvings, artistry, as well as beach wear items such as hats, cover-ups, and shirts. Restaurants such as Britannia Pub and Grill offer great food and live music for its guests. Embocca Restaurant serves up Mediterranean cuisine infused with Caribbean flavors, offering creations so unique that it makes locals and tourists come back for more.

Sosúa offers beauty, history, culture, restaurants, bars, and sites to keep locals and tourists alike happy, healthy and satisfied. While visiting Puerto Plata, a trip to Sosúa is one that can’t be missed.

A Day Trip to Cabarete, Dominican Republic

When in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic there are several cities in the surrounding areas that are worth spending some quality time exploring. Located 38 km east of Puerto Plata, Cabarete’s many sights and activities will have every visitor entertained and coming back for more.

A Day Trip to Cabarete