Beautiful Victorian Architecture in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Unlike many other Caribbean cities, Puerto Plata is distinguished by an impressive collection of Victorian-era homes and buildings, most of which are well-preserved and located in Puerto Plata’s Old City. Architecture enthusiasts will love admiring the many Victorian buildings in Puerto Plata that are in wonderful condition and painted in vibrant colors.

The term “Victorian architecture” refers to homes built between 1830 and 1910 during the reign of Queen Victoria of England. Victorian homes usually resemble dollhouses and feature elaborate “gingerbread” trim, lace filigree, and pastel colors.

A well recognized structure and a symbol of Puerto Plata, La Glorieta was first constructed in 1872 and is located in the center of Parque Central. Surrounded by City Hall and other government office buildings, what currently stands on site is a beautiful, reconstructed green and white gazebo where visitors can spend time relaxing and viewing the city.

Also located near Parque Central is Catedral San Felipe Apóstol. Although not a Victorian-era structure, this cathedral is also a key attraction for visitors while in Parque Central. Catedral San Felipe Apóstol is a two-steepled church and is pictured to the left of La Glorieta in the below photograph.

Another well-known Victorian structure in Puerto Plata is home to the popular Amber Museum. Built in 1919, Villa Bentz, as this Victorian mansion is called, is just two blocks away from Parque Central. Villa Bentz was purchased and restored in the early 1970s and subsequently opened to the public as the Amber Museum. This large, two-storied home features multiple balconies throughout with ornate features and mini-columns as depicted in these photographs.
IMG_3237 copy

When in Puerto Plata, be sure to stroll through the center of Puerto Plata to see some of the marvelous 19th century gingerbread Victorian homes pictured here that were home to middle class residents of the time.

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