A Day Trip to Sosúa, Dominican Republic

Without a doubt, you have probably heard of the town of Sosúa. What you probably did not know is that there is much more to see in Sosúa than its wonderful beach, as it is a town that offers history, architecture and an “alive” feeling. The people that live in Sosúa are kind, friendly, full of energy and excited to share just about any information they can about the place they call home.

Located 38 km east of Puerto Plata, Sosúa was settled by roughly 700 to 800 Jewish refugees during the Second World War who developed a thriving dairy business while living in Sosúa. Although many of these Jewish settlers and their families no longer reside in Sosúa, the dairy business stayed intact causing foreigners to move in from countries such as Canada, America, Austria and Germany. Not long after, tourists began flocking to this small town and helped it become the hotspot that it is today.

Sosúa boasts Castillo Mundo King or Castle of the King of the World. It is a unique and bizarre building filled with art, wood and rock carvings, sculptures and even some extraterrestrial beings from the Dominican Republic, Haiti and “beyond”. This thoughtfully filled, one-of-a-kind museum also hosts some of the best views in town.

After an educational stop, make sure to hit the beach and watch the windsurfers. Even better, take the time to dive or snorkel; the reefs that lay just beyond the beach are full of colorful, tropical fish and many other exquisite sea creatures. Hop on a boat and travel out into the ocean to partake in some of the best deep sea diving the world has to offer. The boats leave right off the beach making it very easy for those interested to find such an excursion.   Sosúa Beach is both breathtaking and welcoming to those who love being in or on the water.

If you love being at the beach but do not want to be actively involved in the water, check out the many shops and restaurants along the shore. Locals in the area sell handmade wood and rock carvings, artistry, as well as beach wear items such as hats, cover-ups, and shirts. Restaurants such as Britannia Pub and Grill offer great food and live music for its guests. Embocca Restaurant serves up Mediterranean cuisine infused with Caribbean flavors, offering creations so unique that it makes locals and tourists come back for more.

Sosúa offers beauty, history, culture, restaurants, bars, and sites to keep locals and tourists alike happy, healthy and satisfied. While visiting Puerto Plata, a trip to Sosúa is one that can’t be missed.

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