How To Find Affordable Airline Tickets To The Dominican Republic

Affordable airline tickets. These days that can sound a lot like an oxymoron. With the amount of vacationers that are traveling worldwide, it can be somewhat challenging when finding a flight for an affordable price, especially when traveling internationally. With so many website suggestions, travel deal sites, and airline competitors, we often receive messages from our readers expressing their frustration and asking which sites are legitimate or when the best time to travel is. However, one question we receive repeatedly is “How can I find affordable airline tickets to the Dominican Republic? ” Well, we are here to put your mind at ease and have compiled a list of tips for you so be prepared for some extra cushion of cash in your wallet. Let’s save you money so you can fully enjoy your next vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Booking your airline at the right time is extremely important when trying to find a desirable price. If you have researched pricing yourself there is a fairly good chance that you have also encountered plenty of variances from experts stating it is better to book one month in advance. Other experts will say to book two months in advance; and still others even stating up to six months in advance. Well, there have been quite a few recent studies and if you have the patience and commitment, the ideal booking date for travel to the Dominican Republic is 81 days ahead (between 11 and 12 weeks) of your travel date.

Booking your flight(s) too much in advance or too late could very well have you paying more than you should. The reason for the 81-day advance booking is quite simple: each flight needs to have a certain number of seats remaining on the flight in order to provide a low price and in the majority of cases this will happen at 81 days out and airlines will in turn offer a very attractive price. When traveling to the Dominican Republic or anywhere for that matter, there is an exception to this rule, and that is during holiday periods. If you must travel to the Dominican Republic for holidays such as New Year’s Eve/Day, Christmas, or Good Friday, you should strongly consider booking your flight as early as one year in advance to keep your flight costs as low as possible.

If booking 81 days ahead is out of the question because of a last minute trip to the Dominican Republic, purchasing your tickets a minimum of 2-4 weeks ahead of your travel date and on a Tuesday will make a significant difference as opposed to booking 1 week ahead of travel and on a Monday or Friday. But again, you will not save anywhere near what you would save booking 81 days out. There has been a great deal of conflicting information about the best day of the week to book, but hands down, Tuesday is the way to go. According to, at the end of 2014 there was an airfare report that booking airfare on Tuesdays was not as beneficial as originally thought. At the end of the day, this was debunked and the report was very misleading, which again led experts back to Tuesday being the best day of the week to book airline tickets, both domestic and internationally.

We are often asked about last minute fares. Yes, in years past last minute fares were popular and widely available. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case, especially when traveling to the Dominican Republic which is thriving with resort development and vacationers. Airlines realized that travelers were waiting until the last minute to book tickets for the last minute deal offerings and it no longer made financial sense for the airlines to accommodate this need. Like the aforementioned preferred booking dates and days, there are additional tips that can help you secure the best airfare rate(s) when traveling to the Dominican Republic.

Another option is being selective with the airport you fly into and out of. When trying to save on fares it is highly recommended that you select your airports very carefully. Often flying into or out of a large, centrally located airport that handles the majority of the country’s traffic will save you. For example, when running a comparison we quickly took note that flying into Santo Domingo (SDQ) as opposed to Puerto Plata (POP) at the beginning of August 2015 would save a whopping $600.00! Obviously, this is not always the case, however, flights in and out of different airports will produce different prices which can inevitably save you a small fortune if you are willing to sacrifice on this end. If you and your family can fly into and/or out of a different airport that may not be closest to your destination, you can save a large amount of money, and this is many times worth its weight in gold. Flying into an alternative airport can actually prove to be very fun and exciting, as it will allow you and your family to explore different areas of the Dominican Republic while you rent a car or take a bus to your destination. We can’t begin to tell you how many people we know that have explored the Dominican Republic due to flying into an alternative airport, and it ended up being one of the best experiences of their lives.

Low cost airline websites are an incredibly popular way to save but they can be incredibly frustrating. It is hard to know which sites are legitimate and which sites are offering the best deal. Reading reviews are extremely important when selecting a low cost or competitive airline pricing website. We understand this can be time consuming but doing your homework is key, especially when talking about hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in airline tickets. Try to avoid the lesser known websites and stick with the well known and even publicly traded companies as you will often have more recourse should anything go awry.

In our research, we came across desirable rates on, and If you choose to proceed with booking through a low cost airline booking engine, make sure to read the fine print, understand the cancellation policy, and if possible, pay the additional fee in order to cancel if necessary.

Booking your flight(s) to the Dominican Republic can be done with very little stress and can even be fun if done right. We invite you to try our tips and wish you a very exciting vacation!

Bebop Bebop! The 2015 Dominican Republic Jazz Festival!

Once a year, music lovers that live both internationally and locally make their way to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and the immediate surrounding areas for the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival. This is by far one of the largest and most coveted cultural events in the Caribbean and has been running strong for eighteen years. This year from November 04 – November 08, 2015, the festival will take place as usual on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and feature acclaimed artists, including GRAMMY award winners.

The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival is renowned for its many legendary performers, coupled with its tropical locations and beautiful climate. Puerto Plata in particular is the ideal destination for the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival; its beaches are beautiful, its history is rich, the resorts are thriving and there are tons of activities and excursions Jazz Festival goers can participate in when not listening to the wonderful music. It is a true music lovers paradise during this time of year.

Some of the many artists performing at the Jazz Festival this year include The Big Band Conservatory of Santo Domingo, The Student Loan Stringband, Roy Assaf, Manuel Tejada, Berklee Global Jazz Institute Student Group, David Sánchez, Josean Jacobo, John Patitucci, Mario Canonge, Pengbian Sang and Retro Jazz and Pedro Martinez Group. The full five-day Jazz Festival performer line up can be viewed here.

The festival will kick off on November 04, 2015 in Santiago, which is approximately 1 – 1.5 hours outside of Puerto Plata depending on traffic. Santiago is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic and there is plenty to see and do when not enjoying opening night Jazz music.

On November 05, 2015, the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival will make its way to Sosúa, which offers a fantastic beach, extensive history, beautiful architecture and provides an “alive” feeling. The people of Sosúa are kind, energetic and excited to make new friends, so this is a fantastic destination for the festival.

On November 06, 2015, the Jazz Festival will grace Puerto Plata with its presence and everyone from locals to the many visitors from around the world will be there! Puerto Plata is the perfect destination, as we mentioned, as there is so much to do, and the locals and expats are wonderful. While in Puerto Plata enjoying soulful Jazz, try to squeeze in some aquatic time at Ocean World Adventure Park and Big Lee’s Beach Bar for some fantastic drinks and bites before heading to the last leg of the Jazz Festival. There are countless fun times to be had so check out the Top 10 Things To Do In Puerto Plata!

Cabarete will host the last two days of the Jazz festival on November 07 and 08, 2015. When in Cabarete experience the flying trapeze, go windsurfing, horseback riding, indulge in a night on the town, and of course their beautiful beaches.

In addition to fantastic music and fun, this annual music festival offers complimentary workshops that help the musical motivation and cultural development of local children. If you live in the Dominican Republic or have a trip planned, there is no reason not to make attending the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival a top priority!