A Romantic Night Out in Puerto Plata


IMG_2561Puerto Plata has so much to offer, it isn’t a surprise that on one, two or all of your nights visiting you will be able to enjoy a romantic night out with the one that you love. The city is filled with fantastic restaurants, sexy nightclubs and beautiful beaches to stroll quietly along hand in hand. Puerto Plata is the perfect setting for romance.

Inside Puerto Plata has written about some of the best restaurants Puerto Plata has to offer and that you will enjoy with your significant other. One of our favorites is Mares Restaurant & Pool Lounge, which offers a blend of farm to table dinners that are both decadent and ambrosial. The chef utilizes the island’s ingredients with other culinary traditions to create divine meals. Enjoy this memorable and delectable dining experience while overlooking the pool and lounge area.

IMG_2563Yet another romantic and phenomenal restaurant in Puerto Plata to start your night out with is Green Jack Restaurant. Green Jack provides a wide variety of delightfully, delicious food! You and your date have the option of enjoying a different dish each night through it’s food choices, up to and including all seasonings. It’s been said that guests amaze themselves with the dishes that they create on their own and with the Chef’s creation, it’s a meal that will never be forgotten. Atmospherically, Green Jack offers a small and romantic indoor section and a beautiful outdoor patio, should you and your love prefer to eat under the stars.

Ocean World Adventure Park is host to a twice-weekly date night on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which allows couples to enjoy dinner and a show. Not only is the food delectable but Bravissimo, the Las Vegas style show, is both sexy and highly entertaining.

IMG_2562As you know, music is a great way to connect with your special someone. Along El Malecón, couples are guaranteed to find Merengue and Salsa clubs, disco dancing nightclubs, live music and great fun. Both dances of Merengue and Salsa are sexy, hot and generate a lot of body heat, which is a perfect combination for couples in love.

Should you choose to head to Cabarete Beach or Playa Dorada, you will come across many quiet and romantic spots to sit and enjoy each other’s company or stroll and enjoy the scenery.

However you decide to spend your romantic night out with the one you love, be it wonderful restaurants, strolling along the beach, dancing the Merengue or relaxing in a small bar to listen to live music, you will be side by side with your loved one in romantic and unforgettable Puerto Plata.

Travel Tips: Planning a Destination Wedding in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Wedding DayThere are many choices to make when planning your destination wedding. Picking your destination, such as Puerto Plata, will be one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. For couples planning a destination wedding, one of the best decisions you can make is to select a destination wedding specialist that can serve as a liaison between you and the hotel or resort and arrange travel details for you and your guests.

Planning for your guests is another essential and sometimes stressful activity. Your friends and loved ones are traveling to be with you and your fiancé on your special day, so make sure to provide a special touch, such as welcome bags, spa treatments or a list of daily activities that your group can participate in. Guest bags can be filled with island necessities such as suntan lotion, drink coupons, special beach amenities and/or shopping perks.

Mr. and Mrs.Researching local marriage requirements is a must. Luckily, the Dominican Republic has no residency requirement for getting married but there are a few items that must be taken care of prior to the wedding. For anyone planning to marry in the Dominican Republic, the Embassy of the Dominican Republic requires written notice of your intention to marry in order to grant you permission. The Dominican Republic Consulate must also receive notarized copies of birth certificates, passports, and other important documents that will be translated into Spanish, a process that can take several months to complete. Double-check all of the requirements as soon as possible. If a speedy nuptial is in the cards for you and your love, then ensuring you secure a wedding license domestically is a must.

Another important tip is to tell your wedding guests about your wedding date as soon as it is set and before official invitations are sent out and follow-up with an official invite. Be thorough with your plans for your guests so that they can plan ahead. Along with accommodations, guests will require transportation to and from the airport, Wedding 2and transportation to any wedding events off site if applicable.

Getting your wedding dress safely to your destination is of high importance! Laying your wedding dress in a garment bag is advised for air travel, however, calling your airline prior to your flight to discuss storage options for your dress will better help you identify possible challenges.   Upon arrival at your wedding destination you can always arrange with the resort or local dry cleaner to have wrinkles steamed or pressed out of your dress.

This will be one of the most important days of your lives and you’ll want to make it the best that it can be; ask for help, make lists and remember that you’ll probably be operating on island time.

Nightlife in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Nightlife Puerto PlataEveryone needs to kick up their heels and have a little fun, especially while in Puerto Plata. Getting out at night after a day on the beach or sightseeing around town, is an important part of the vacation. It only makes sense that Puerto Plata, being one of the largest resort towns in the world, has a nightlife that is alive and hopping. It’s packed full of live music, dance clubs, a casino and a professional exotic dance show.

Puerto Plata has an incredible amount to offer those who want to enjoy a night out on the town. For instance, Caberete Beach has many live music spots where visitors can sit back, relax and have a drink. It’s easy to find live jazz music playing in clubs on the beach by some of the best musicians around. This rings true for types of Caribbean music, Palo and Dominican Rock. It would be almost impossible to enjoy a night out in Puerto Plata and not hear someone playing music that brings others together in celebration.  

Nightlife Puerto Plata2Ocean World Adventure Park, while packed with families during the day playing on waterslides, swimming with sharks and dolphins and interacting with loving sea lions, is a well-known attraction at night with a dinner and dance show, Bravissimo. Puerto Plata’s Las Vegas style show will delight and amaze its guests through a show choreographed to Caribbean Rhythms. After the show, it’s just a short walk over to the casino to mingle, gamble, have a few drinks and hopefully win a big pot of money.

Dancing the night away isn’t for everyone, but for those who love to get their groove on, you will find it quite easy to locate merengue and bachata nightclubs. Merengue and bachata are popular island dances that can be found in almost every nightclub within Puerto Plata and the surrounding areas. It’s possible to get a merengue lesson or two before going out in order to refresh your memory or to learn a new step or two. If you’re lucky, you’ll be in town during the Merengue and Caribbean Rhythms Festival to stay late into the night, enjoying the island’s live music and to dance the national dance until your feet beg you to stop.

Nightlife Puerto Plata3Nightlife on the island has always included disco. Disco’s popularity hasn’t faltered in decades, and won’t be falling out of favor any time soon in Puerto Plata. This town is still hosting new disco club openings and filling them with locals and tourists alike. They can be found along the beach, in town and at Ocean World on the top floor.

If you’re looking to enjoy a few nights out on the town, every night out or only one night of entertainment, hit the town in Puerto Plata! A great time is had by all, and you will make memories that last a lifetime!

A Day Trip to Cabarete, Dominican Republic

When in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic there are several cities in the surrounding areas that are worth spending some quality time exploring. Located 38 km east of Puerto Plata, Cabarete’s many sights and activities will have every visitor entertained and coming back for more.

A Day Trip to Cabarete

You Absolutely Must Do These 3 Things During Your Honeymoon in Puerto Plata

3 ThingsPuerto Plata offers a vast amount of activities to do while honeymooning. It’s the ideal place to spend time exploring, soaking in the sun, and relaxing with the one you love. Puerto Plata is also the perfect destination to expand your horizons and embark on new experiences you have never tried before.

As a newly married couple, one activity you must partake in is a yacht cruise. Board the yacht in Puerto Plata and enjoy the entire day with your love on the ocean. It offers sand, sea, adventure and even a little history all in one. During the cruise, you will pass by La Isabela, the first settlement on the island. The yacht cruise travels to Punta Rucia and Paradise Islands where you’ll spend the day trying new activities or revisiting vacation must-dos. Riding banana boats, speedboats, snorkeling, swimming and laying on the beach all lay at your fingertips during this exciting excursion. There is a good chance you will see dolphins, sea turtles and spotted eels on your yacht cruise. You can make as much of the day or as little of the day as you want because it really suits both the adventurous and the relaxing parts of your relationship.

SnorkelingA second must see and do is to take an excursion to Cayo Paraiso (Paradise Island). You are offered snorkeling in a clean and clear lagoon that surrounds the island. The tropical water temperatures welcome and engulf you while you explore the coral reefs from the island’s natural sandbar. Coral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, housing tens of thousands of marine species. About one-third of all marine fish species live part of their lives on coral reefs. Because Puerto Plata sits on the north coast, it would be impossible to miss dolphins, kingfish, and manatees. There is a massive amount of tropical fish and plant life, so whether snorkeling or diving you will be guaranteed to see the ocean’s beautiful creatures. A huge bonus in this area is that because of its shallowness, there are shipwrecks dating back to the 16th century that can be viewed easily while snorkeling. After snorkeling, you mustn’t forget to explore the island and its natural mangroves at Montecristi National Park.

NightclubWhat better way to spend time as a newly married couple than dancing the night away! Head over to Lighthouse Lounge and Disco and you won’t be disappointed. This 360- degree ocean view disco perched high above on the top floor of the Ocean World Casino building is dressed completely in white. Lighthouse Lounge and Disco is known as the hottest and most exclusive disco in Puerto Plata, offering pulsating music from all over the world and every variety you can imagine. Should you be lucky enough to venture out to Lighthouse Lounge and Disco on a Wednesday night, you are in store for something very special…karaoke! Whether a local or visitor, karaoke at Lighthouse Lounge and Disco is the best karaoke in Puerto Plata.

Memories made from adventures will make you feel closer as a couple. Puerto Plata offers that amazing gift to you! If you are able to incorporate all three or just one of these exciting and beautiful adventures, into your honeymoon will be a wonderful memory that lasts a lifetime.

Merengue: Learn From The Very Best Dancers in Puerto Plata

MerengueMerengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic and an extremely popular source of entertainment in island life. Merengue is a partner dance and is accompanied by big band instruments like the saxophone , conga drums, and diatonic accordion.

Merengue is said to be derived from the foot dragging movement of African slaves chained together at their ankles while working in sugarcane fields. The actual origin of merengue is unknown but experts agree that it dates back over two centuries. In the 1930s, Dictator Rafael Trujillo insisted merengue become the national music and dance for the island. With this lengthy history, it isn’t any wonder why Puerto Plata is home to some of the best merengue dancers in the world.

Festival BrugalMany locals and visitors alike consider dancing a high priority, with many visitors wanting to learn or experience merengue dance during their stay in Puerto Plata. Merengue can be enjoyed in almost every nightclub in the city and is so incredibly popular that Puerto Plata hosts an annual Merengue Festival each October on the Malecón. Entertaining enthusiasts from all over the world while showcasing their talent, during the festival you can watch expert merengue dance couples display their best moves and they are more than happy to show others how to dance.

Merengue2While in Puerto Plata reach out to your resort and they’ll assist you in coordinating merengue lessons. If you want to try out your merengue moves, hit any of the local Puerto Plata nightclubs. Two of our favorites are the Lighthouse Lounge and Disco on the Ocean World Adventure Park campus and Hemingway’s Café. Remember, when in Puerto Plata, do what Dominicans do – dance the night away!

Take A Cruise to Puerto Plata: Here’s How!

Take A CruisePuerto Plata will begin welcoming cruise ships to its new port, Amber Cove, in October 2015. Carnival Cruise Lines will send its Victory ship for its first visit to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for a one day port of call.

Amber Cove, and this ‘first voyage’ of the Carnival Victory cruise ship in October, is very significant for the Puerto Plata region for a number of reasons. This 30-acre, waterfront property will include two berths and a cruise center and will accommodate up to 8,000 passengers and 2,000 crewmembers daily. The last cruise ship to call at Puerto Plata occurred over 30 years ago, making this $65 million project a catalyst that will propel Puerto Plata and the surrounding areas into a popular cruise destination. Amber Cove is expected to create over 400 jobs. Look for the following Carnival Cruise ships to make port in Puerto Plata from October 2015 to April 2016: Breeze, Conquest, Fantasy, Glory, Sunshine, Splendor, Valor and Victory.

CarnivalPuerto Plata means port of silver. It is said that the name originates from the fact that the port features gorgeous beaches and sparkling blue water. That’s what day tourists will experience when arriving. Carnival takes great pride in its ports and by sheer circumstance revitalizes even the most traveled cities.

CruiseThere is plenty to see and do in and around Puerto Plata as it is the first custom-built tourist area in the Dominican Republic. Upon docking, tourists can walk or take a brief taxi ride into downtown Puerto Plata. There are eco-friendly tours, golfing, surfing, sightseeing, cultural exploration and great dining experiences for all.

This is an incredibly appealing region with history that dates back to the 1500s. Cruise ship passengers have plenty of options for water, land, and air excursions to partake in. Tourists can experience spectacular views of Puerto Plata city and its vast shoreline by taking a cable car tour. It’s possible to see places that include Fort San Felipe, the first fort built by European settlers in the New World, Christ the Redeemer Statue on Mount Isabel de Torres and the ever popular Amber Museum. If you’re looking for kid-friendly activities and family adventure, Puerto Plata has it all.

Whichever mode of transportation you choose in order to get to Puerto Plata, whether it be by land, by air, or by sea, the experience in Puerto Plata is certain to be an amazing one!

Experience a Cigar Factory Tour

Cigar TourWhen staying in Puerto Plata, the closest cigar factory tour to take is La Aurora. Located in Santiago, La Aurora is approximately one hour’s drive from Puerto Plata city.

La Aurora was founded in 1903 by Don Eduardo Leon Jimenes. For over a century the factory has produced one of the best handmade cigars in the world and because La Aurora has stuck to its traditional ways of hand making premium cigars, it has earned numerous awards throughout the years.

La AuroraThe cigar factory tour at La Aurora provides an unbelievable experience. As the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, the tour will amaze by giving you a glimpse into what it takes for their skilled employees to produce high quality, handmade cigars. Visitors start the tour in the cigar rolling room and may have the opportunity to meet the master blender. Music can be heard throughout the factory as well to keep employees entertained and happy. Next, are given an orientation of the various stages of cigar manufacturing. Tour takers are then given hands on opportunity to make a cigar and are shown how to hold, light, smoke and walk with a cigar. Experiencing the tour as a smoker or non-smoker still enthralls those who are interested in the elaborate process of such a widely loved pastime.

CigarsThis 45 minute guided tour is given by knowledgeable staff who are skilled professionals in the industry. You will experience the tradition and history first hand as well as learn about the prestigious cigar brands, La Aurora and Leon Jimenes, and how the factory has been handed down from generation to generation. The factory’s gift shop has quite a plethora of cigars to choose from along with great pricing. The gift shop’s staff will assist in helping you choose what is best for you as they have years of experience in selling these masterpieces.

This is quite the popular tour so be sure to make a reservation!

Kid Friendly Activities in Puerto Plata Your Child Will Love

PPDRCreate loving and happy memories for your children that will last a lifetime by incorporating these kid friendly activities into your vacation in Puerto Plata.

There are a wide variety of activities that will entertain and mesmerize children of all ages.

DolphinTake the children to Ocean World Adventure Park where they can spend the day at the waterpark riding the huge waterslide or launching off of the giant circle raft. Your children will love swimming with the dolphins, an experience that they will talk about and remember forever. Being kissed by dolphins, swimming, dancing, and rubbing their backs will make your kids giggle with delight. This is not only a highlight for the kids but for parents as well. These beautiful and gentle dolphins will love your kids as much as your kids will love interacting with them.

If your kids love being in the water then an easy activity for everyone will be to visit the many beaches in Puerto Plata. Not only is it fun to play in the sand, but there are plenty of watersports to enjoy too. Your kids can learn how to kitesurf, snorkel, ride boogie boards or build sand castles. It takes a great amount of balance use a surfboard; surfing lessons will teach your kids how to paddle & stand up on surfboards while riding the waves back to shore.

If your kids are older and love adventurous activities, take them rafting down the Yaque del Norte River or deep sea fishing on the Atlantic Ocean. Visit the 27 waterfalls where they can hike, dive and swim in their choice of seven, twelve, or all 27 waterfalls. Consider taking a catamaran cruise to snorkel and see all of the beautiful tropical fish near the coral reef at Cayo Paraiso.

Whatever the age of your children, there is plenty to do in and around Puerto Plata. All of these fun-loving activities will make your children choose Puerto Plata over and over again.

What To Do During Your Visit to Ocean World Adventure Park in Puerto Plata

Ocean WorldOcean World Adventure Park in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic makes for an amazing family adventure day. This is a great family stop during your vacation and you’ll be able to make a day of it as there is so much to see and do. Ocean World allows families to interact with Patagonian sea lions, stingrays, sharks and dolphins up close.

Because this is fun for the whole family, there is a lot to see and do. Take the kids and feel free to be a kid for a day by riding the park’s waterslides, full of slippery fun, and then snorkel in a huge tank full of tropical fish. Then get your family together and become one with nature by swimming with dolphins, cuddling with sea lions and fearlessly petting sharks and stingrays.

DolphinsIf you choose swimming with dolphins, expect to become close friends with the dolphins. It is known that dolphins thoroughly enjoy interacting with humans. Dolphins love human attention and will dance, talk, kiss and play with you as you rub and feed them.

SnorkelingWhen getting into the water with sharks and stingrays, you’ll become amazed with how beautiful they are up close. Don’t be afraid as these sharks and stingrays have been raised with humans and are not strangers to swimming with people. But if that’s not your first or second choice, check out the sea lions. Getting to interact with sea lions is truly wonderful. These sea lions are sweet creatures who love to play, hug and kiss and will provide a very entertaining show.

It’s not exactly a secret but if you’re willing to pay a little extra, you can take a behind the scenes tour of Ocean World. Hanging out with Ocean World’s educated, fun-loving staff, you’ll get the firsthand experience of being close to these creatures and what it’s like to live with these animals every day.

DancersNightlife at Ocean World offers beautiful views, unlimited drinks and a casino.  The very popular Bravissimo Show provides adults 18 years and older with a Las Vegas style/Copacabana-esque dance show. You and your group won’t want to miss an unforgettable evening filled with superb entertainment. Be sure to make plans to stay in advance because it will be worth it. It’s an entertaining and fun filled evening with beautiful island music, exquisite food and a professionally coordinated musical performance by costumed dancers sharing a view of the world’s different cultures.